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Top 10 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Levels – Tuesday Listing

Posted by Michael Koczwara On May - 31 - 2011 2 Comments

Super Mario Galaxy 2 brought a slew of new elements to a game that was already outstanding in itself.  The levels added this time around are some of the most memorable of any Mario game before it. The following is my pick for the top 10 levels of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

10. Breaking the Laws of Gravity

The concept of flipping gravity back and forth isn’t new. Originally used in Super Mario Galaxy, a simple hit of a switch flips what was once known as up, to down. In Breaking the Laws of Gravity, this element is constantly being used as you maneuver your way through wood block passages. The old school Mario platforming we have all come to love is present, with a fixed camera and side scrolling tactics. The atmosphere fits the gravity wrenching and the music is no different. Even the moments where Mario reverts back to 3D gameplay blend quite nicely.


9. Breaking into Bowser’s Castle

Again, gravity defying elements are key here and the end result makes for another fantastic level. Set in a fixed angle for side scrolling, the main concept here is wherever the path turns or moves, the gravity follows it. This makes for some unique gameplay where Mario is running upside down, backwards while avoiding fireballs that just so happen to be changing gravity in midair. Now that’s what I call a Bowser’s Castle.


8. The Ledge Hammer Drop

Only 2 levels in Super Mario Galaxy 2 use the new time slowing mechanic, and The Ledge Hammer Drop uses it best. The atmospheric feel to the level adds to the time bending effect and the use of color is phenomenal. The hammers make sense and the level gets challenging down the road. While it may be a short one, the level satisfyingly ends on a good note.


7. Squizzard’s Sandy Sinkhole

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was able to improve on the original in so many ways, and Squizzard’s Sandy Sinkhole is a great showcase to these changes. No longer is the wide open desert from the original, now the desert is set in a darker tone with giant pillars looming in the distance and a purple aurora filling the skies. The fire flower, unchanged from its appearance in the first game, is able to feel new and unique again as it is used in the final boss battle and throughout the level. And to cap it off, Mario is able to slide down a sandy slide while avoiding giant, human crushing Rhomps.


6. Jumping Around in the Dark

In a level where the level changes to the beat of the music, darkness is a major element. To an assigned beat, the level, including all the platforms, will slowly go black, leaving enemies, items and Mario himself visible. Once a certain beat is heard, the entire level will shine with light and slowly go back to its former darkness. Skillful and on the move thinking will get you through this level.


5. Wicked Wall Jumps

The penultimate level to the Grandmaster Galaxy takes an interesting idea used in one of the earlier levels and transforms it into a complete new galaxy. The idea here is that red and blue blocks will pop out of the walls whenever Mario spins. However, when red blocks pops out, blue blocks snap back in, and vice versa. This can lead to some tricky wall jumps that not only makes it challenging, but entertaining at the same time.


4. Hot-Stepping Dash Pepper

Yoshi’s red Dash Pepper is introduced and demonstrated this level adding to the variety of different levels Super Mario Galaxy 2 has to offer. Without paying too much attention to the breathtaking waterfalls surrounding the level, the Dash Pepper lets Yoshi sprint at full speed, allowing him to run up walls, leaving any kind of notion of gravity behind. Timed moves are necessary and add for an even more challenging level.


3. The Deep Shell Well

The feel alone this level brings is more than enough to bring it into the final 3. I admit, the gameplay of this level is nothing to brag about. Swim, grab the shell and make it to the end. But the atmosphere of the level makes it one that I will keep coming back to, even if it’s just to stop and look at. From the very start where Mario soars through a misty cavern and lands in a damp cave, to the ending sunset that backdrop the golden star, this level is one for the eyes.


2. Tall Trunk’s Big Slide

Is it nostalgia? It could be. The slide mechanic, a gameplay element from Super Mario 64, is incorporated into this level, as you slide down the inside of a tree trunk. You dodge enemies, jump pits, collect coins and balloons, use gravity and you also get cool scenery to look at. And to top it all off, the music is a remix of the slide theme found in Super Mario 64. Most importantly, this level is just pure fun.


1. A Strolling Down Rolling Lane

When it came down to picking my favorite level, I had to look no further than the one I must have replayed over 50 times. A Strolling Down Rolling Lane takes the Rock Mushroom and creates an entire level based on rolling down platforms to reach an end goal. Once you begin to roll, you must maneuver your way through obstacles and enemies, all without rolling into a wall or simple falling of the course. You may have died 20 times over, but the level was too entertaining to pass on. Having fun the whole way through is clearly my main argument in picking the best Super Mario Galaxy 2 level.


And some honorable mentions…

  • Fluzzard’s First Flight
  • To the Top of Topman’s Tower
  • Think Before You Shake
  • Skip to the Beat



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  1. Austin says:

    great list, great game!

  2. Madi says:

    Ugh, I hate A Stroll Down Rolling Lane simply because it takes me a billion tries to defeat it :( although, once ice find it a billion times over and finally beaten it, I have tons of star coins ;) I agree with everything on this list (although I have not yet made it to the Grandmaster Galaxy D:)

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