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5 Games You Should Be Playing

Posted by Michael Koczwara On June - 14 - 2011 1 Comment

While some of these games may not be the most recently released, the quality experience that came packaged in the game is still there. These are the five games I have recently played (and playing) that everyone should have a look at.

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 sets you in a post apocalyptic world 200 years after the devastating nukes ravaged the world. You are a vault dweller, a human that has remained his whole life in a protective vault used to hide from the incoming bombs. You manage to escape the Vault, seeing the ruins of the Capital Wasteland for the first time, the area in and around Washington D.C. From here your player embarks on quests, speaking and interacting with wastelanders, friendly and unfriendly alike, fighting off enemies, discovering new loactions, and making decisions that will truly change the outcome of the situation, all while adding in RPG elements and staying true to a first person shooter. The game was released in 2008, along with all the DLC packs, and is a must buy for any gamer interested in these genres.

Half Life 2

The oldest game in the list, Half Life 2 was a criticly acclaimed FPS that brought you into the world of Gordon Freeman, a physicist that becomes a legendary hero among a group of humans fighting off a massive scale alien invasion. Running on Valve’s Source engine, the game is without cut scenes, running action sequences and dialogue right into the game play. The game brings the best of the FPS genre and adds in a few twists and turns that makes the game a real treat to play. With terrific gameplay, an engaging story and unique characters, Half Life 2 does not fall short in any aspect. Oh, and there are two episode packs that further continue the story that are just as satisfactory.

Splinter Cell: Conviction

What an amazing feeling this game gives off. Besides the fact that you will feel like a boss throughout most of your objectives, the game is by far the best in the array of stealth games. From the moment you first take control of Sam Fisher, an ex-member of the National Security Agency, you get an intense sense of secrecy and covertness. As Fisher, you are able to sneak behind enemies, holding them hostage or taking a more silent approach. The game uses the environment to let Fisher climb through windows, sneak around common everyday objects and even take out light bulbs that will leave Fisher lurking in the dark. While the story might be a little much to handle if this is your first Splinter Cell game, the gameplay is more than enough to give the game a shot.

Bioshock 2

Returning to the world of Rapture, you play as one of the famous Big Daddys, now with a new villian hanging your radio. Fans of the first game will get more of the same, but that isn’t necessarly a bad thing. Bioshock 2 offers a new story, interesting weapons, unique new locations and admiring new characters. The corrupt city of Rapture offers enough for a second go around.

Portal 2

Now for the most recent game in the list, Portal 2 offers one of gaming’s greatest and grandest experiences of not only this year but in all of gaming. Whether it’s the compelling single player or the intuitive cooperation mode, or even the mind bending puzles themselves, Portal 2 is a game you just don’t want to miss. I won’t go into too many details as I already have a review written out, but for anyone who is looking for the next best game to play, you’ve got a match made right here.


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    Interesting, I just ordered Splinter Cell Conviction, this makes me look forward to it even more!

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