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Top 5 Fallout 3 Enemies

Posted by Michael Koczwara On June - 21 - 2011 0 Comment

This article contains minor spoilers! If you have not played Fallout 3 yet, be wary!


Yao Guai



The Yao Guai species is an interesting one. What looks to be a mutated form of a black bear, this creature is powerful and big in size. While some may be tamed by scavengers of the Wasteland or encountered as friendly with the Animal Friend perk, these animals will attack if seen. The Yao Guai leaves a special kind of meat that not only replenishes some HP, but also gives a 10% increase in damage. Needless to say, this is one cool animal.





What game nowadays doesn’t have zombies? Ghouls are the result of many unlucky souls that were exposed to immense radiation during or after the Great War. As time goes on their skin begins to deteriorate, leaving them with a very unhuman appearance.  The radiation disrupts the genetic code, giving them the ability to live much longer than normal humans, some still alive 200 years after the war. In addition to the change in lifespan and appearance, some Ghouls will eventually lose their sanity and any kind of sense, leaving them enemies to anyone who comes in near proximity of them.


Super Mutants



Along with Ghouls, Super Mutants are the most common enemies found in Fallout 3. What appears to be another form of mutation, Super Mutants are much stronger and larger in size than humans, but are incredibly less intelligent than their human counterparts. Super Mutants heavily inhabit the Washington D.C. area and can usually be found equipped with heavy weapons like missile launchers and machine guns. Frag grenades and assault rifles are also commonly found.





They are giant human like crabs that emerge from radiated water and walk towards you upright. Enough said.





After seeing some of the power that the Brotherhood of Steel held, the Enclave managed to up that with a more advanced arsenal and higher tech armor. The Enclave soldiers use a wide variety of plasma based weapons, a technology that was made compact and usable just before the war began. Ironically, the plasma weapons work great when used against the Enclave themselves.


Honorable Mention

Super Mutant Behemoth


And what kind of Top 5 list for Fallout 3 is good without a mention of the mighty Super Mutant Behemoth? These enemies are twice the size of a regular Super Mutant and use shopping carts as armor and a fire hydrant as a weapon. With only five appearing in Fallout 3, the Super Mutant Behemoth is one you don’t want to miss.

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