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Evolution of the Great Fairy

Posted by Michael Koczwara On June - 23 - 2011 3 Comments

Everyone remembers the Great Fairy from Ocarina of Time. Whether it was the peircing shriek, the simple yet thin ivy vines, or simply the fact that she aided the hero in his quest. One thing is certain: the Great Fairy has seen quite a transofrmation from game to game.

While the original Legend of Zelda saw the first standard fairies, A Link to the Past gave us a new kind of fairy that played a different role. While not officially called the Great Fairy, this fairy was different in size and look, but retained the same healing functionalitiy from the original game. A Link to the Past also featured other forms, including Venus, the Fairy Queen, and the Waterfall of Wishing Fairy, a fairy that requred honest answers to upgrade certain weapons when thrown into her pond.


Ocarina of Time brought us the official Great Fairy. Making six different appearences, each with its own special reward, throughout Hyrule, the Great Fairy quickly became a fan favorite. The said shreik and appearnece gave off a vibe unlike any other in the game. The Great Fairy was able to increase link’s defense and magic meter, along with upgrading his spin attack and rewarding him with three different spells.


The Great Fairy reappears again in Majora’s Mask, looking identical to the original Great Fairy. Here she has been ravaged and split into 15 seperate Stray Fairies. Once all 15 fairires are found, the Great Fairy will restore to her former self and reward the player for his good deeds. With five different colored fairies spread acroos the land of Termina, Link is able to receive magic upgrades, obtain the Great Fairy Mask, learn the spin attack, enhance his defense, and finally acquire the legendary Great Fairy’s Sword.



The Fours Swords features three Great Fairies that oddly look a lot like regular fairies. These faires grant you Great Keys, items that are needed to complete the game.


 Wind Waker brough t a drastic change to the Great Fairy. Rather than hidden in underground caves, these Great Fairies reside on specific islands designed for the inhabitation. These islands can be destinquished by the giant seashell placed on top. Walking inside will bring you to a Fairy Fountain, redesigned with seashells and sand to better fit the setting. The Great Fairies themselve underwhent an immense cahnge. Now with four arms, the Great Fairy drops the realisitc look for a much more simplisitc and idol-like look. With seven appearing in total, wallet and item capacity upgrades will be granted.


 The Great Fairies of Minish Cap return to a more angel like look, similar to what was seen in A Link to the Past. These Great Fairies will upgrade your wallet, bomb bag and quivers, only if you correctly answer their questions.


And last but not least, we have the most recent Great Fairy from Twilight Princess. This version shows off the most realsitic Great Fairy with all human characterisitcs, with the exception of the giant wings. She is also topless, letting her hair covering her body. A single Great Fairy rules this game, appearing at every 10 levels of the Cave of Ordeals. At the end of the cave, the Great Fairy will grant you her Fairy Tears, a mixture capable of restoring all your health and doubling your sword power for a short time. The Great Fairy will then begin to appear in all the Spirit Springs in Hyrule.


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  1. The only Great Fairies I’ve encountered were the ones in Wind Waker and the ones in Twilight Princess. A very good analysis, SuperZambezi. There was also the Fairy Queen in Wind Waker, but she was a bit different than the others.

    • SuperZambezi says:

      I know, I didn’t include her because there are other Fairy Queens throughout the series and I would have to cover them too. :P

  2. Jeevas Crow says:

    You have wonderful shots of all the games here, I’m very impressed! They’re clear, even with my crappy computer. xD I like being able to compare the eyeshadow on all the fairies from Majora’s Mask. xD

    You did a good job compiling and talking about them, too. Way to go, bro!

    I think my favorites are from Wind Waker, even though generally I wasn’t terribly excited about the art style, to say the least. If they’d created fairies like that in Twilight Princess I think I would have loved it. xD

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