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Smash Bros. – The Forgotten

Posted by Michael Koczwara On June - 24 - 2011 8 Comments

The transition from Melee to Brawl was an incredible one for some gamers. The new game featured updated visuals, a greater arsenal of characters, stages, weapons and modes, and brought the series online for the first time. It was a match made in heaven, and nothing could go wrong. As players unlocked character after character, a sad, daunting feeling crept over. Every character from Melee did not make it into Brawl. To be specific, Dr. Mario, Roy, Pichu and Mewtwo were nowhere to be found.

As we move into the next generation, we can only anticipate the next iretaton of Smash Bros. As details begin to pour in, we can only hope for the return of these forgotten, lost characters. But, which of these characters are more deserving to make a return?


Dr. Mario

The first of many clones introduced in Melee, Dr. Mario is stronger yet slower version of Mario. Instead of fireballs, Dr. Mario throws megavitamins at his opponents. His appearance is almost identical to Mario, save for the medical coat and head mirror. Dr. Mario could be mistaken as an alternate costume, making him a low key character when it comes to returning.



 Another clone added to the game, Roy is a faster and quicker version of Marth. The differences are subtle with only a few changes in the way Roy jumps, grabs and uses his sword compared to Marth. While the two are from the same game, the design of Roy is distinguishable to be its own character. He does not look like an alternate costume and if brought back to the series, he could undergo an entire moveset change.



Yet again another clone, Pichu borrows the moveset of his Pokemon companion, Pikacu. As his appearance shows, he is a smaller version of Pikachu, taking damage whenever using any electric move. The problem with Pichu comes with Personality. While the other two characters may be clones, they were separate characters that would have worked well on their own. Pichu, however, is basically a miniature Pikachu and not much else. For the next game in the series, I would like to see a new character take the spot rather than Pichu.



Unlike the other three forgotten characters, Mewtwo was unique on his own. He neither a clone or an alternate costume, and he has his very own moveset. He had a personality unlike any other Smash Bros. character and made sense in the universe. In Brawl, he was replaced with Lucario, another pokemon that plays the same way Mewtwo did. If any character is deserving to get back into the next Smash Bros., it’s Mewtwo.



And on a side note, the character Young Link was also forgotten in Brawl, but was quickly replaced with Toon Link who served the exact same purpose as Young Link did. There is no need for Young Link to return to Smash Bros. again.

8 Responses so far.

  1. The problem came with clones, sure, but I suppose it would have been better if they were in Brawl. Maybe they will be in Super Smash Bros. 3DS or Super Smash Bros. Wii U. Only time will tell. It’s another possibility that they might not return, making them only worthwhile in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

  2. Lord Vaati says:

    Of course Mewtwo’s not a “Clown”!

  3. Cowface says:

    Well technically Mewtwo is a clone, but that aside I would like to see them bring him back. Assuming of course that he won’t be god awful this time.

  4. 1337 says:

    Uh, I havn’t played Melee in years, but wasn’t Roy a stronger, slower version of Marth?

  5. coolman229 says:

    Personally, I’d love to have Dr. Mario back, but even moreso I want Mewtwo and Roy. Roy should be revamped with a totally different moveset to reflect his animations from his appearance in his Fire Emblem game. I don’t understand why Mewtwo wasn’t brought back. Lucario has a similar neutral B, but that’s it. He plays COMPLETELY different from Mewtwo. Though on the subject of Young Link, I’d want Majora’s Mask Link. He could rotate through the Goran, Zora, and Deku masks (as well as his human form), and could become Fierce Deity Link for a Final Smash.

  6. MC Ballyhoo says:

    On my opinion, Dr. Mario was a good character to play as, especially Mario is considered a balanced character in the game, but great with beginners.
    The question is how does Dr. Mario have the same moves as Mario, if the Dr. Mario series doesn’t move at all in his later games. All he does in his series, is dropping megavitamins at zany viruses.

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