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HOARD Analysis

Posted by Michael Koczwara On July - 7 - 2011 2 Comments

In HOARD, an action strategy game, players assume the roles of fire breathing dragons, as they terrorize local towns, villages and castles, searching for loot to add to their hoard. This basic idea expands to a much more strategic experience included in four different game modes. The rules are simple, as is the top down gameplay seen throughout the game.


Basic Rules

Depending on what you burn, the gold’s worth will change. Different buildings produce different effects. Windmills will send out wagons of gold, with the quantity determined by the amount of time that windmill has been around. The longer the building, the more gold it is worth. Towns will import gold and export even more, as long as the player does not burn it down. It’s also possible to fear the townsfolk into sending gold to your hoard. Castles will produce Princesses that can be captured and ransomed for gold. This time around, knights will follow you to your hoard and try to reclaim her. Now add in the multiplayer factor and you are now competing with other dragons that you can burn and send wailing back to their hoard.

Power ups can also be collected during the game. Collect the power up from within the map and activate it to get 10 seconds of siad ppower up. These power ups include breathing fireballs, ice, increased speed, increased fire breathing and even the ability to steal from another dragon’s hoard.

Stats can be upgraded throughout the game once you reach a certain of amount of points. The four types of stats include speed, fire breathing, carrying limit and defense.





Collecting as much gold is the goal here. Go around burning anything you come across to collect the loot left behind and bring it back to your hoard on the hilltop. The player with the most points at the end of 10 minutes, wins.


Princess Rush

Points are not the most important here, but hoarding princesses is. Be the first player to ransom 15 princess to win.



Survive as long as you possibly can! Gathering points is optional, but they will give you a time boost in the end.



The same as treasure mode, only with another dragon on our side. You share the same hoard and collect points together. The goal is to get as many points before the 10 minutes run out.



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