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Top 10 Plants Vs. Zombies Plants

Posted by Michael Koczwara On July - 12 - 2011 2 Comments

Plants Vs. Zombies sports a hefty 49 different plants to choose from while defending Crazy Dave’s suburban home. Of these 49 plants, only ten stand on top.


10. Magnet Shroom


Those pesky bucket zombies are no match for the Magnet Shroom! With it’s pulsating magnet, these buckets and other metallic objects are ripped right out of the zombie’s hands!


9. Doom Shroom


The Doom Shroom is the most deadly of them all. As soon as it’s planted, a nuke sized explosion goes off evaporating any zombies around the radius of the now permanent crater.


8. Torchwood

Just when you thought your line of peashooters couldn’t get any better, Torchwood sets them ablaze doubling the damaging effect.


7. Starfruit

Not only does Starfruit shoot five projectiles at once, but they also shoot in five different directions, being the only plant that can shoot frontwards, diagonal and backwards at the same time.


6. Hypno Shroom

Have you ever wondered if you could turn on zombie onto it’s zombie friends? With just one bite of a Hypno Shroom, your common everyday zombie will go against it’s loving zombie friends.


5. Pumpkin

Unlike the Wall Nut, the Pumpkin protects a single plant instead of taking up an entire space. The Pumpkin is very durable and will keep the zombies stalling as you press more plants onto your lawn.


4. Repeater


 The classic Peashooter can only be improved in one way: ADD MORE PEAS. While the Repeater is able to shoot two peas at a time, the Gatling upgrade can shoot up to four peas.


3.  Kernal Pult


Use kernals as you would use the cabbage, but the Keranl Pult will sometimes throw out a stick of butter that completely immobilizes any zombie. The Cob Cannon upgrade takes the prize with a giant corn cannon that when hits, is an instant death.


2. Fume Shroom


While the Fume Shroom is a merely a bigger version of the Puff Shroom, the upgrade, Gloom Shroom,  is able to spit out it’s fumes in all directions, covering a radius of three lanes and nine spaces.


1. Melon Pult


Peas? Fumes? Try watermelons. With Melon Pult, and Winter Melon upgrade, throw giant watermelons that not only cause immense damage, but slow down the speed of the zombies in the process. Truly the best plant in the entire game.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. MostachedPolar says:

    That is a very nice list SZ. I can agree that the Melon Put is the best plant in the game.

  2. kenneth says:

    actually I think cattail is the best plant in the game since it can shoot all directions, in every lane…even backwards!

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