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Best of the Special Infected

Posted by Michael Koczwara On July - 19 - 2011 2 Comments

The Left 4 Dead series features a total of eight different special infected, zombies that have undergone intesne mutation, giving speical abilities not normally seen on the common infected. These special zombies are playable in a few modes and each has its strengths and weaknessess. Here are all eight listed from my least favorite to my favorite.


The Jockey


Using a lunge jump similar to that of the Hunter, the Jockey is able to attach itself onto a survivor and control the survivor’s movements. While this move is useful on rooftops and high elevations where the Jockey can move a player off a ledge, the Jockey needs to be in close proximaty to do minimal damage. Not a bad zombie, but not the best.


The Boomer


Using it’s very own Boomer bile, the Boomer spews out a substance that, when touched by the survivors, attracts a hoard of zombies. While this move may be effective, it’s short lived and takes quite a bit before the power can recharge. The Boomer is also painfully slow. 


The Smoker


Patience is required when using the Smoker. The Smoker can use it’s tounge to grab the survivors and pull them in. Waiting for a lone survivor to venture on his own is the best way, as getting a survivor in a group usually ends quickly.


The Hunter


Instead of changing the movement of the player like the Jockey, the Hunter claws at it’s victim until the end. Again, finding a lone survivor is the best way to go, but with the Hunter it is much more effctive.


The Charger


With the ability to charge and smash a survivor repeatedly, the Chargers gives high amounts of damage when used. However, be wary that the Charger’s health is small and will deplete withing a few shots.


The Spitter


The Spitter is able to spit out a green mucus that hurts any survivor on contact. This can be used strategicly like placing the goop in doorways or even getting survivors that are down and helpless.


The Tank


A behemoth compared to the other zombies, the Tank is able to smash rocks, cars and even the survivors themselves in any direction. With a huge amount of health, the rare tank must be killed in a team effort.


The Witch


While not a playable infected, the Witch is one of the most feared zombies of them all. The witch can be quietly avoided, but if startled, the Witch will run after the survivors knocking down any survivor in one hit. If there is any zombie you want to avoid, it’s this one.

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  1. mark says:

    I love all of these infected :D , when they make a left 4 dead 3 i hope they make even more infected to add to the chaotic fun :D

  2. nikita says:

    they are putting in new infected

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