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Sequel or Rehash? – New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Posted by Michael Koczwara On July - 25 - 2011 4 Comments


New Super Mario Bros. took the stage when it was released on the Nintendo DS in May of 2006. With universal acclaim, the latest installment into the main Super Mario series was a hit, selling over 26 million copies and becoming the best-selling Nintendo DS game to date. Then, at E3 2009, Nintendo unveiled a sequel to their highly successful game. While New Super Mario Bros. Wii was in the sense a new game, the similarities between the two leave a simple question among gamers. Was this game a true sequel or simply a rehash and a quick grab for cash?

One look at New Super Mario Bros. Wii and the similarities are already evident. The art style carries over from the original game with updated visuals, but nothing strikes as new and unique to the game. The music is even redone from the first game and new tracks are only found every so often. Gameplay is also kept fairly the same, only adding new elements to power ups and a few new level mechanics. The major new feature that Nintendo tagged the game with was 4 player multiplayer modes. While this new addition is great fun and all, was it enough to warrant a new release of the series?

To Nintendo, the success of the original game was enough to show that the casual market and the hardcore gamer could come together and play the same game. With that in mind, Nintendo released New Super Mario Bros. Wii and kept it relatively the same as its predecessor. As usual, the game went to sell millions and just recently reached the 20 million mark in less than two years. Gamers who had not experienced the Nintendo DS game of the same name had a blast playing through the Wii version, but those who had were left with a decision in their hands? Were new levels, updated visuals, multiplayer support and a few new gameplay elements enough to warrant another purchase at full retail price?

In the end, it really mattered what the consumer was willing to buy. New levels were enough for those who wanted to further experience the game they played years back on the Nintendo DS. Some players were willing to buy the game for the addition of Yoshi and a few new power ups that changed the gameplay enough to approve another purchase. Others, however, were not as easy to buy over. The rehashed worlds of the first game and lack of more stand out new features was enough to sway gamers away from a buy.

So is the game a true sequel? Was the game no more than a quick rehash for the Wii audience? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below!

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4 Responses so far.

  1. It felt like rehash, a way for Nintendo to milk in more money. It was the exact same game play, with a few additional power-ups and Yoshi to play as. And now we may be seeing New Super Mario Bros. Mii for the Wii U, however, it’s only a tech demo for now.

  2. Spirit15 says:

    Both game were similar, other than the additions that were named, it’s basically the same game. I liked both, DS one was better though fot its originality. NSMBMii looks as similar as the previous one…

  3. kinetic563 says:

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii was definitely a rehash. And it was also more boring to play than the DS version. A waste of money to spend on in my opinion.

  4. Nin3DS says:

    I didn’t think it was a rehash at all. In fact, I thought New Super Mario Bros for DS was the worse game, due to more uninspired stages and overuse of that runt Bowser Jr. Meanwhile, the Wii one had Koopalings (win), airships (win), lots of stuff from old Mario games (win) and lots of new ideas like those rollercoasters and Giant Bowser as the final boss.

    Why does the game get so much hate anyway?

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