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Top 5 Least Favorite Brawl Stages

Posted by Michael Koczwara On July - 26 - 2011 7 Comments

The Super Smash Bros. games are a one of kind series, where few elements of the game are up for knit picking. With Super Smash Bros. Brawl came the addition of over 30 new stages, all of which were great in their own way. However, some stages stood out better than others, and some were purposely skipped when you and your friends were picking the next stage. Here is my top five least favorite stages from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

5. Rumble Falls


When I’m fighting, the last thing I need is a stage that is consistently moving and where staying behind will bear unfortunate results. Throw in some instant death spikes, small passageways and unnecessary buttons, and you get Rumble Falls. While the stage is still fun to play every once in a while, the gimmick of the level keeps those looking for an all out brawl in a loss.

4. 75m


A clever and interesting idea, but the stage itself does not function as well as the other stages in the game. The stage can get too big at times with many, many ledges to jump onto and hangout on. The hazardous DK at the top and the hurling springs are a nice touch but can get in the way of the action rather quickly.

3. Hanenbow


A confusing stage to say the least. While the look and feel of the stage are quite remarkable, the gameplay itself is a bit of a letdown. Instead of focusing on fighting, players sometimes find themselves struggling to cooperate with the level itself. I fell like I spend more time trying to keep up with the stage than the fighting itself.

2. Mario Bros.

If there is ever that one cheap level your friend keeps picking, it’s this one. This stage has a fixed camera that focuses on a stage from Mario Bros. As usual, Koopas and Crabs come running out of the pipe. Get one of these into your enemies hands and it’s over. A hit or two and you will be knocked off the stage ricocheting across the screen, regardless of your damage ratio.

1. New Pork City

An ambitious stage and probably the biggest stage for the series to date. However, a simple issue has plagued players from ever selecting this stage from the wide list of available stages. The big lights, flashy signs and atmosphere of the level completely blend with the characters and platforms making it a chore to play. Not only is the level too big when it really doesn’t have to, the platforms are oddly placed and fighting usually stays in the same general area, leaving the rest of the map useless. If there is ever a level you would call “bad” in a Smash Bros. game, it’s this one.

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7 Responses so far.

  1. Spirit15 says:

    I agree with most of these except Rumble Falls, I actually love that stage. I thought Warioware was worst actually. =P

  2. I actually agree with this listing. However, I did like Rumble Falls and 75m a bit. Hanenbow didn’t have any music. Mario Bros. was fine, but the annoying Fireballs and Shellcreepers can knock you away pretty quickly. And as for New Pork City, it’s just too large. Hyrule Temple was better than New Pork City.

  3. mark says:

    i agree with all of them i hate new port city!!!!

  4. Kewpo says:

    I agree with the list up until New Pork City. It definately isn’t the number one hated stage on my list. Super Mario- should be number one.

  5. Lord Vaati says:

    I agree. Hanenbow is Bullcrap.

  6. kinetic563 says:

    Haha! Those stages are definitely the most worst in my book. How can one stand fighting on them with all those dumb gimmicks, etc.?

  7. Nin3DS says:

    Got to admit, I agree with most of the list. Okay, so I haven’t played on Hanenbow enough to hate it, but I hate Rumble Falls and New Pork City with a passion, especially considering how much the latter zooms out the screen. And takes for freaking forever for you to knock someone off the edge of.

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