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Top 3 Favorite Paper Mario TTYD Partners

Posted by Staryu On July - 29 - 2011 7 Comments


There’s a total of seven partners in Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, but which ones stick out the most for me? Here’s a list of my top 3 favorite partners both character and battle wise.

3. Goombella



Headbonk – Just like Mario’s jump, a normal attack that does a normal amount of damage.

Tattle - Time it right, and Goombella will explain that enemy you want to learn more about (attack/defense/etc) Very useful for first time players.

Multibonk – Costs 3 FP, just like Headbonk, except if you do the Action Commands right, you can do it multiple times.

Rally Wink - Costs 4 FP, use this on Mario so he can do 2 attacks in one turn.

Goombella is a spunky Goomba, she is a archaeology student at the University of Goom. She’s the first partner Mario gets on the game, she’s like Goombario in a lot of ways, smarts in the Paper Mario world is one of them. I loved Goombario on the original Paper Mario, so naturally, I knew I would love Goombella. Her comments in the game are very funny (she has that typical girl type of talking, ex: “Like, Oh my gosh!”. She has some great attacks that are easy to use (in terms of action commands). Multibonk is very useful in getting rid of enemies with lots of health. Keep using Charge, and then succeed with Multibonk’s Action Commands, and bam. Tattle is also the thing you gotta use if you wanna fill up your Log Book of all the enemies (I always loved doing that) . She gets herself 3rd place for her cuteness and battle attacks!

2. Flurrie


Body Slam - Align the 2 cursors up and then slam the opponent.

Gale Force - Costs 4 FP, If successful, you’ll blow away everyone in the battle.

Lip Lock - Costs 3 FP, Take health from a enemy of your choice and add it to your own, pierces defense.

Dodgy Fog – Costs 4 FP, Makes Mario dodgy, so the chances of hitting him is cut in half.

Flurrie is a Wind/Cloud Spirit, she’s also a famous actress in the Paper Mario world. You meet up with her by finding her necklace and she decides to stay with you and help. When I first saw Flurrie, I really laughed; a lot. It was this whole scene with roses around her and then she floats up to Mario (slamming Mario’s partners out of the way) and gives Mario some “Sugar”, she’s definitely one of the humorous ones in the game. She has a conservative attitude, often talking very lady-like. In battle, she’s a tank, I love putting her in front of Mario so she can take the hits. Lip Lock is one of the most useful attacks ever because she can keep using this to gain her HP back. Dodgy Fog is also a very useful thing to put on Mario, so you won’t get hit as much. She definitely earned her spot at number 2.

1. Vivian


Shade Fist - Do the Action Command right, and you’ll give damage plus a burning status on the foe.

Veil - Costs 1 FP, successfully do the Action Command, and you’ll protect yourself and Mario from the enemies’ attack.

Fiery Jinx - Costs 6 FP, successfully do the Action Command, and you’ll damage everyone and give them a burning status. Basically like Shade Fist, but it hurts everyone.

Infatuate - Costs 4 FP, when a heart appears over your enemy, press A. They will be confused and have less of a chance of hitting Mario/Vivian.

Vivian was an old member of the Shadow Sirens. She left the Shadow Sirens because her sisters (members of the group) were being very mean to her, the final straw was when they blamed her for losing the superbombomb and Beldam was about to punish her severely. She left the Shadow Sirens on Chapter 4, and joined Mario help regain his identify. She decides to stick with Mario. And good thing she did, her attacks are definitely the best in the game. Shade Fist/Fiery Jinx are real damage dealing moves, making the foe get the Burning Status (which means they’ll lose 1 HP every turn) and Veil is the most useful when your opponent charges up and is about to hit you. I love her and always enjoy getting her on Chapter 4, which is why that’s my favorite chapter; getting Vivian.

Thank you for reading! I really love all Partners in TTYD, since they all come together well, but these 3 I mentioned stick out the most in my favs and most used list. I’d love to see them in another Mario game, if that was to ever happen. Feel free to comment on this with your 3 favorite TTYD partners!

7 Responses so far.

  1. Justin5267 says:

    Pssh, Koops beats them all.

  2. Spirit15 says:

    Where’s my Bobbery :O lol, I love Vivian though.

  3. Thurr says:

    I love how all the partners on the list are from Paper Mario: TTYD.

  4. kinetic563 says:

    Flurrie? Oh heavens no. FLURRIE OVER BOBBERY? This is madness!

  5. Nin3DS says:

    No Bobbery on there? That’s not right. As is the lack of Yoshi or whatever you call him.

    Vivian is awesome though.

  6. Papermario-fan says:

    My fave oarners are:

    3. Bobberry

    2. Koops

    1. Vivian

− one = 4

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