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Ten Hellish Villians

Posted by Aegis On August - 2 - 2011 4 Comments

Villians are what make games have a purpose of good vs. evil. The following are a few that have quirky personalities and are unique from all the rest of the generic vaudeville evil-doers. So sit back and relax as we count down the 10 most hellish villians.


10. Fawful

Fawful ala Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

Fawful is the newest villian in the entire list, appearing in all 3 Mario & Luigi games. Fawful is a true patron of the arts, and even though he vows for a quest of spreading evil throughout the world, he also wants a chance to be on Broadway. He also speaks of “mustard of doom” and makes very allusional dialogue in his speeches. Even though he’s a motormouth and a bit eccentric, he’s not afraid to send out his pet, Midbis, or fire ray blasts from his headgear when you oppose him. Personally, Fawful is my most favorite villian out of this entire list.


9. Porky

Porky in his capsule

Porky from the

MOTHER/Earthbound series is a spoiled rotten brat. Like most of those fools, he is also a very cowardly opponent, often letting others do his evil deeds for him. He is the right-hand man for the evil main antagonist, Giygas, leader of an alien tribe bent on taking over the world. He joined because he was getting tired of being made fun for his weight, and that his father was physically abusive to him when he was very little. He turns into a demon-like being in Mother 3, where his mean-spirited behavior can turn into absolute evil. Cunning, ruthless, and a little rebel, Porky is an example of young angst towards a cynical society.


8. Master Hand 

Master Hand ala Super Smash Bros. Brawl

This ominous being from the Super Smash Bros. series is the master of fighting. Like his name implies, Master Hand’s appearance only consists of a powerful right hand wearing a glove. He’s said to be the organizer of all the Smash tournaments because he likes to toy and play around with the various Nintendo fighters. Being a creative being, he can create many environments and obstacles for the fighters to pit themselves against. He has another counterpart named Crazy Hand, who is the complete opposite. Crazy Hand is destructive and chaotic, and will destroy anything in his path. I guess opposites attract, don’t they?


7. King K. Rool

King K. Rool ala DK64

A large, portly, and straight out FAT fellow, King K. Rool is the main antagonist for most of the Donkey Kong games. First appearing in Donkey Kong Country, K. Rool is the king of the Kremlings, a group of trouble-making reptiles who want to get rid of the Kongs from Donkey Kong Island. K. Rool also stole DK’s Banana Horde as a double whammy. Donkey Kong, along with his pal Diddy, saves the day when they put him into kaput. K. Rool would go on to do more desterly deeds in future installments, such as kidnapping Donkey Kong himself. K. Rool is a gluttonous being, and a selfish dim-witted fool of a King. He treats his own subjects very badly, and only wants to eliminate the Kongs at a cost of a few sacrifices. He’s also a master of disguises, however we all can clearly see with that big gold-plated belly coming out. A dumb King fit to “rool” a dumb group of reptiles.


6. Dr. Neo Cortex

PS1 Version of Cortex

Possibly the smartest villian on this list, Dr. Neo Cortex from the Crash Bandicoot series might also be the most dramatic. What kind of evil does Cortex spread around the Earth? Well, he’s a mad scientist, and along with his various assistants, he wants to turn the Earth’s populice into a bunch of his mindless slaves using his Cortex Vortex ray. However, one of his inventions, the Evolvo-Ray, will be his downfall, as it turned a simple-minded orange bandicoot into a….HEROIC simple-minded orange bandicoot. Nevertheless, Crash knows that he can’t just let Cortex get away with his evil schemes. Over the years, Cortex’s personality has changed. In the PS1 group of Crash games, he’s a sadistic and devilishly little fellow that only wants Crash eliminated. However, after the PS1 days, he’s turned into a comic relief character that’s a massive drama queen. WHAT A TERRIBLE TRANSITION. Well, whatever. Old Cortex is still cool even to this day. Maybe the new Cortex can take some badass lessons from his old counterpart.


5. Ganondorf

Ganondorf ala Twilight Princess

Like Bowser, The Legend of Zelda has Ganondorf, a leader of a group of desert brigands who finds very powerful magic to become a lord of evil. He attempts to kidnap Princess Zelda in most of the games he stars in. But despite ALL of this awesome magical power, a certain pipsqueak always is there to give him trouble. As he tries to steal every piece of the Triforce to try and take over the land of Hyrule, hero Link is always there to save the day and send Ganondorf packing. Ganondorf has two forms. When he’s a pig-like creature, he’s referred to as Ganon. However, when he appears as a humanoid, he’s known as Ganondorf. Both of these forms are very powerful and frightening, but Link isn’t phased. Ganon sure won’t go down without a fight, however. If you make it to him, beware of his mastery in the darkest of magic spells and his massive sword of power.


4. Bowser


Bowser, Bowser, Bowser. One of the oldest villians in the gaming community….he kind of sucks at being one. He kidnaps Princess Peach on a regular basis and yet Mario always seems to get that booty back in his arms. Will Bowser ever prevail? Only time will te- eeeeh, probably not. But nevertheless, Bowser is a strange fellow when it comes to personality. Like Marx, one minute he can be a real dimwitted fool who seems to be present only for comic relief. However, one Mario game comes along that makes Bowser seem like a Lord of Hell, and can use his almighty power to crush any plumbers that come into his way. Whatever kind of per- er, turtle, Bowser is, Mario always finds a way to defeat the spiky-shelled hothead. Bowser even has his own son, who wants to grow up to be King just like his father. Eh, I wouldn’t quit that day job, Bowser Jr. Your father looks like he’s going to be here for a looooong time.


3. Kefka Palazzo 

Image of Kefka by Yoshitaka Amano

Another famous villian created by the wondeful minds of Square, Kefka made his appearance in Final Fantasy VI as a main antagonist who was psychotic in every way, clearly designed to be a joker. What made him psycho was an experiment gone horribly wrong, when scientists infused a product called “Magitek” inside him. Even though he can use magic now, he’s lost a few screws or two. This cruel being actually uses the protagonist Terra to do his dirty work for him, such as destroying towns. Cruel, cunning, and Square’s equilavent to Batman’s Joker villian, Kefka never ceases to amaze gamers into thinking…is this guy for REAL?


2. Marx

Normal Marx

Marx’s Final Form

Marx, from Kirby Super Star, is a fairly unknown boss, but what makes him on the list is that of his contrasting appearances. One minute he can be as cute as day, with his jester-like apparence and soft built. However, once he reaches his full power, he turns into a beast of the night, complete with hellish wings and sharp fangs. He simply wants to take over Pop Star by wishing it upon Nova, a wish-granting machine that Kirby accidently got for him under false circumstances. I forgot to mention he’s also a trickster. What can you expect, he’s a jester! Just goes to show you that you can judge a book by it’s cover.


1. Sephiroth

Image of Sephiroth by Tetsura Nomura

The SOLDIER commander from Final Fantasy VII

is probably the most well-known villian in the gaming community next to Bowser.  A formiddable foe to Cloud Strife, or to any other hero for that matter, Sephiroth is clearly deft of blade, shown by the awesome power and skill of his Masamune and extreme agility. Injected with a powerful cell structure from a lifeform known as Jenova, Sephiroth gets fed up with being an experiment and uses his new-found power to try to take over the world.  Sephiroth was different for a Final Fantasy villian at the time because he simply wasn’t evil to be evil, unlike past villians who simply enjoy pain and suffering. Indeed, Sephiroth went through some very tough events in his backstory that made him the most powerful villian Square has ever produced. Gamers even today complain that Sephiroth is one of the hardest bosses of all time. With this, Sephiroth is the most ruthless boss on the entire list and on more popular poll lists as well.

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  1. Lord Vaati says:

    I thought Fassad from Mother 3 was a good villain.

  2. DKH says:

    Nice article, but weak picks. There are so many more that are better than the ones listed above.

  3. Nin3DS says:

    I guess I generally agree with the list, but the picks for villains were extremely predictable (I mean, you pretty much included every fan favourite villain ever, not one individual on the list I didn’t know about before reading it)

    I also found it amusing how you said Marx is ‘unknown’.

  4. Navi says:

    I thought Tabuu from SSB was a great hellish villain. D:

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