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What if Battlefield 3 overthrew Modern Warfare 3?

Posted by Michael Koczwara On August - 22 - 2011 7 Comments

We all know what to expect this fall. Despite your fanyboy pleas and wants, Modern Warfare 3 is set up to demolish any competition headed it’s way this November. While there is still a chance that Battlefield 3 can overcome this and rise to the top, statistics and general knowledge of the game by consumers say otherwise. However, what if Battlefield 3 was to rake in enough sales to finally take down Modern Warfare 3…

Amidst the release of games like Batman, Uncharted and Zelda, Modern Warfare 3 also sees it’s release this November and is sure to take most of the spotlight sales wise. Battlefield 3, however, will see it’s launch late in October, preceding most of the big name games coming out this fall. EA is determined to take down the giant Call of Duty series and aside from some Steam controversy, is on the right path to do so. DLC for players who preorder and beta access are just a few of the reasons EA is headed in the right direction.


Modern Warfare 3

So let’s say at the end of the year Battlefield 3 has won. Through an immense amount of advertising, universal acclaim and word of mouth, Battlefield 3 was able to knock out Modern Warfare 3 in sales. With that said, a good chunk of the loyal Call of Duty fans had to be swayed into purchasing Battlefield 3 over Modern Warfare 3. Activision is finally seeing the meaning of competition.

So what happens next? With it’s fanbase decreasing and sales plummeting, Activision has to rethink it’s gameplan regarding it’s yearly release. Whether it be a change in the release schedule or a revision of the gameplay itself (or both), something will have to be done. Will DLC be the same? Will Activision give more for less to try and keep their current players and to attract past members and new customers? One thing is certain. Activision will be in a very strange land.

Battlefield 3

Now with an ever increasing fanbase and a plethora of new users and players, EA will have to manage this new feat. Obviously, the PC version of Battlefield 3 is the definitive version of the game. Will this usher in a new era of PC gaming? Will EA be able to continue on without going down the same path Activision followed so many years ago? Will we be getting DLC up the crapper? Will EA completely dominate the competition in the coming years to the point where each game is so similar to the next? Only time will tell.

Not to further show myself as a biased prick, but if you’re not a Call of Duty fan, you are most likely rooting to see the game fall. Not necessarily to see it fall, but to start seeing a reason to buy the next iteration instead of the same recycled game over and over again. While this outcome is highly unlikely, the empire Call of Duty managed to create will have to fall someday, or at least cripple down to a lower level. The Battlefield series is only getting stronger and it’s only a matter of time before this wishful thinking does in fact come true. EA’s own Jeff Brown believes the Call of Duty series has about 2-3 years before it is out of the shooter category. It will happen, but when?

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7 Responses so far.

  1. ttwashere says:

    Oh, SZ you biased prick you!

  2. m says:

    Why are you complaining about DLC? Last time I checked DLC was a good thing. The more the better.

    Anyway Call of Duty will never “die”. It will eventually sell less with each release(although I think MW3 will be its peak)

    • J says:

      DLC sounded great a few years ago. In fact it would still be great if DLC content wasn’t either cut from a game, used to justify rushed releases, or as a means of extortion whenever multiplayer is involved.

      DLC is just another mechanic by which both Avtivision AND EA sell you less for more. If you haven’t noticed these trends by now, it probably doesn’t matter to you and that’s fine, but real gamers care.

  3. mark says:

    you can fly jets thats instant win.

    cod will still sell but as m said they will gradually sell less each game especially if activision keeps turning out a 90% the same game each time.

  4. DevilDogA99 says:

    I truly do wish that B3 would out sell, not becuase Im a one sided fan of either game ( I enjoy both) but becaue if this was to happen then the nxt COD game would have to improve on all the things we as a community have asked for. Black Ops wasa a large improvment in my mind ( and yes I know differant company, its the same thing )it help cut down on the cheating and added un wager matches. The damage system is f up like shot guns are like pee shooters and Siper rifles arnt one shot kills but it did allot right. MW3 is bringing back Spec Ops and now their version of survive the waves. If they added in wager matches along with Zombies, you would never get burned out, especially if they fixed the damage system and gave us dedicated servers.

  5. DKH says:

    Bad pick of an article, especially if you have a biased opinion on the subject. It should be named, “Modern Warfare 3 is gonna suck, Battlefield 3 rox mang”

    I wasn’t, and am currently not, a big fan of the Battlefield series. Everything was better in MW2/Black Ops when compared to Battlefield 3. Now, the fact that they’re copying CoD, just further shows that I think MW3 has won. It set the standard for shooters everywhere, and in that sense, it’s won.

    However, I do wish to play both of the games before I give a full-on opinion. Both look great, and I might end up getting both.

  6. Sharkbait says:

    I don’t think outselling the other initially is going to say anything about either game. I, for one am going to buy both; I’ll buy MW3 for Xbox and BF3 for PC, because they are both the best in those respective categories. BF will never take over consoles because consoles don’t have the “realistic” flight mechanisms that PC’s do. CoD is strictly ground-based and is a lot faster-paced than BF, but EA has always delivered stunning graphics and a largely multi-faceted battle on PC. The question that remains is which game has the most stamina and can update, patch, create more of the content the keep people from going to the other game…

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