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The Many Arrows of Zelda

Posted by Michael Koczwara On August - 25 - 2011 1 Comment

One of the most common and frequently used items in the Legend of Zelda series is none other than the legendary arrows. With the use of a bow, these arrows come in with different powers and each has their own special ability. Listed below are each of the arrows along with theier uses and how they can be used in the future.


Plain Arrows

The original arrows. Just as in the real world, these arrows can be shoot from a distance and peirce any enemy that gets in it’s way. Not much can be said, but the bow and arrows are normally found after completing a few dungeons.


Fire Arrows

Making their debut in Ocarina of Time, the Fire Arrows bleed out a ring of flames from the tip of the arrow. These arrows are used to light torches, melt ice and damage enemies more than then the normal areas would. While Fire Arrows were missing from Twighlight Princess, Skyward Sword has the opportunity to bring these arrows back to life. New uses for the arrows can include engulfing enemies in flames, slowing taking damage and changing the temperature of a room or water.


Ice Arrows

Also making thier first appearence in Ocarina of Time, the Ice Arrows appeared as a complete opposite to it’s counterpart, the Fire Arrows. With the icy tip that froze whatever it hit, the Ice Arrows allowed link to temporarily freeze enemies, along with the ability to freeze small sections of water. While the Ice Arrows first started as an optional item, they soon became a mandatory item. With that in mind, future use of the Ice Arrow should also allow for the change in temperature and the ability to freeze gameplay objects that will cause them to become either heavier or slippier.


Light Arrows

These legendary arrows are used to banish evil’s bane. The Light Arrows give out an immesne amount of light that gives a massive amount of damage to any unlucky foe that gets struck by the arrow’s sharpened point. This arrow is usually found near the end of the game and is necessary to defeating the final villain. What if these arrows could be obtained earlier in the game? Maybe the light from the arrows can be a factor when solving puzzles.


Silver Arrows

The Silver Arrows are almost identical to the Light Arrows. The Silver Arrows first appereared in the original game and a few games thereafter. Since then, the arrows have been replaced by the Light Arrows. How can we bring them back? These arrows can be larger versions of plain arrows that require longer time to draw but gives off more damage.


Bomb Arrows

Link has only been able to shoot Bomb Arrows in two games. The arrow is a great alternative to the bomb which must be placed and timed. In the future, Bomb Arrows can be used in puzzles along with the idea of sending a Bomb Arrow to distract enemies.

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  1. I heard and used all of these types of arrows before except the Silver Arrows. It’s also nice that four of these arrows appeared in Wind Waker, too.

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