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Top 5 Mario Kart Wii Tracks

Posted by Michael Koczwara On August - 30 - 2011 4 Comments


Mario Kart Wii boasted a selection of sixteen all new tracks designed specifically for the game. While some are better than others, here are my top five favorite new Mario Kart Wii tracks.


5. Coconut Mall


In the Mario Kart series, Mario and the gang  like to keep the racing to the tracks outside. In this case, there is no track. In Coconut Mall, racers make their way through a shopping mall, complete with parking lot and moving  cars. What makes this track special and different from the rest is simply the idea of racing in such an unusual place. And the best part, it works.


4. Bowser’s Castle


Each Mario Kart game sees a new iteration of the Bowser Castle track. Mario Kart Wii’s Bowser’s Castle stands as one of the best in the series, thanks to the many twists and gimmicks found throughout the level. There are plenty of turns to keep you power sliding and various jumps, like the rattling floor, that allow for tricks. Add in a giant Mecha-Bowser, tons of lava and an awesome Castle remix from the original Super Mario Bros. and you have a terrific track.  


3. Koopa Cape


What makes this track so much fun? Could it be the water slide that let’s racers zip by in the water? Maybe it was the underwater tunnel that displays a beautiful look at the undersea life that you? Either way, the track is unique to the Mario Kart series in that it is always showing off some new element to the game that hasn’t been used before. 


2. Rainbow Road


The classic Rainbow Road track. It appears in every Mario Kart game, but this Rainbow Road may just be the best. Ramps for tricks are everywhere and the turns are some of tightest you’ve seen in the game. A feature from every past Rainbow Road is presented including the Warp Star (Warp Pipe in Double Dash!!) and the splitting fork in the road (Super Mario Kart). In addition to the spacey feel and theme, elements from Super Mario Galaxy appear including floating Star Bits, the Warp Star and a remix in the Rainbow Road theme. 


1. Maple Treeway


Now why would a track that has you racing up and down a giant tree be the best track of Mario Kart Wii? The atmospheric feel that Maple Treeway gives off is more than enough to keep players picking the track in every online match. Not only does the music play greatly as you zip through leave piles and past giant Wigglers, the level itself is something in it of itself to look at. A decent amount of turns and ramps, a few obstacles here and there, and you have a perfect level. It’s no wonder that Mario Kart 7 has chosen to include this track in their retro cups.    

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Lord Vaati says:

    I like Maple Treeway too! I haven’t been there, but its a lot like Quebec, Canada.

  2. cookieboy17 says:

    I hated Coconut Mall and wasn’t a big fan of Rainbow Road but that’s just me.

  3. MC Ballyhoo says:

    I like the song in Coconut Mall, which appears to be a real shopping mall.

  4. Aiden A. says:

    I agree with your choices except for Maple Treeway and for Koopa Cape. Maple Treeway is not an easy one and the contryside is too brown for my taste. Koopa cape is fun because of the tunels but it’s not within my favorites. Now Raibow Road rocks! Of course in the beginning it’s a real pain because your not used to it and it’s very hard to enjoy it considering you just keep falling of the track! But once you get the hang of it, it really rocks, and it’s great to screw with your racing opponents (muaahahaha!). I love the feel of Bowser’s castle. The creepy corredors, the moving rodes and the lava pitts are just what you would expect from the badguy. Coconut mal is completely wacky, with loads of options to make the track and it’s tricky because if you miss the right escalators you really waste time. In the end of it, I have a lot of favorites in that game!

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