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Top 5 iPhone Games

Posted by Michael Koczwara On September - 6 - 2011 1 Comment

With over a billion apps to pick from, the App Store is bursting through the seams with all sorts of apps that range from entertainment to medicine. A large chunk of these apps are part of what we call mobile games. With so many to pick from, here are my top five iPhone games:


5. Flight Control

Waiting in a line that never seems to end? No problem, just whip out a quick game of Flight Control and your dilemma is solved. In Flight Control, players assume the role of an aircraft director who guides planes to their corresponding lanes. These quite confused planes cannot touch or crash into each other or the game is over. The important factor here is that time will fly (planes and flying, get it?) and your waiting will become that much more bearable.  



4. Tiny Wings


A more recent addition to the App Store family, Tiny Wings puts you in the place of a little bird that must slide its way over hills and to different islands before days end. You are literally trying to outrun the sun. The game has an addictive side to it, always pushing you to complete the achievements and increase your score multiplier.   



3. Angry Birds


Oh, Angry Birds. Does this need to be explained? In case you have been living under a rock for the past two years, Angry Birds has become a phenomonal succes since it’s launch last year, becoming the best selling app of all time. The premise is simple. Chuck a few birds through a slingshot to knock down the pig’s block fortresses and the pigs themselves. It’s a quick and easy game that can be picked up and played at any length of time. 


2. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars


Mobile games don’t all have to be “quick cut of the rope” kind of games. Originally released on the DS and then the PSP, Chinatown Wars is filled to the brim with content. The game features a developing story, characters, an open world, unlockables and much more. Filled with missions and the option to do whatever pleases you, the game differs from the norm of iPhone games by being a full blown out game. And it’s good. 


1. Fruit Ninja


Now why is Angry Birds not on the top of this list? Simply put, Fruit Ninja is a lot more fun. The game has you slicing fruits thrown across the screen while avoiding game ending bombs. Slice more than three fruit in one slice and combo points are rewarded. The satisfaction from getting a six slice fruit combo is something Angry Birds can’t compete with. The game is limited on modes but has enough to have you coming back for more. The game can be played in short bursts of time or for hours on end. 


Honarable Mentions





Cut the Rope



Moron Test


Game Dev Story




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  1. Lord Vaati says:

    I like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja also, and a game called Pocked God.

    There’s also a chance for Angry Birds on 3DS!

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