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5 Reasons to Choose PC over Consoles

Posted by Michael Koczwara On September - 9 - 2011 45 Comments

In response to the 5 Reasons to Choose Consoles over PC by Expertgamingnews, we have put together our very own list of reasons to pick PC over a console. Keep in mind that both consoles and PC are good in their own ways, but some of the reasons presented in the article were quite ridiculous. To counter that here are the top five reasons to go PC rather than console. 


5. Patches


In the current generation, both PC and console games get their fair share of patches. Saying that PC games get unpatched versions of games was completely uncalled for and was only said in wake of the Dead Island Steam controversy, where an early developer version of the game was released instead of the final product. Proving that patches work well on PC, the game was patched the same day it was released eradicating the problem for current and future players of Dead Island. Had that been a hard copy on console, there would be much, much bigger problems. Both console and PC games will get their patches out at some point and digital downloads even take the hassle out for future buyers.


4. The Perfect Gaming Setup


You’re right, we don’t get to lay down and slouch as we play our games, but what we get in return is more than enough to make up for it. In front of you, you have everything you need for your gaming. You have your essentials like a monitor, keyboard and mouse but your gaming setup holds so much more. Your headset, games, speakers, controllers and anything else you hook up for your gaming needs are all in one spot. Hungry? No problem, there’s room for that. Whether it be a quick snack or a bowl of cereal, you can get it all done as you play your game. I mean, if you can slouch on a coach and eat a bowl of cereal while playing a game, more power to you. Need to the Internet while playing a game? Just minimize the game and you’re good to go. The point here is that everything you’ll ever need is conveniently in one location. Add a nice, comfortable chair and you are set. 


3. The Issue about Piracy


Piracy stinks. And it’d no secret that PC games are stolen more often than console games. The problem begins when you say that developers, specifically Valve, are moving away from the PC scene. This is incredibly incorrect as Valve and many others, create games specifically with PC in mind. When it comes to Valve and consoles, it’s quite clear that the controls were designed with keyboard and mouse first in mind. Going back to the point on piracy, the PC is a much more open system when compared to consoles. While this allows for an easier grip on piracy, the mods, customizations, server types, and more freedom definitely help even out the line here. 


2. The Glorious Keyboard and Mouse


The precision you get when playing with a mouse is leaps and bounds better than what you get on a traditional gaming controller. To be able to pinpoint the exact location you want simply by moving your mouse is so much easier than trying to the same with a control pad. While the keyboard may not have been built for gaming, the combo of mouse and WASD is far superior than any other gaming controller out there. Granted, some games, like racing games, are better off with a controller. Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed come to mind. Outside of that, there really isn’t much competition. I shudder at the thought of having to play The Sims with a controller.


1. Upgrades!

The main argument here is that you need to buy a $500 graphics card to pull off max settings. This argument is completely absurd. An average budget computer can get you the equivalent of an Xbox 360 or PS3 today. My GTX 560, which I spent just a little over $200 on, is already pulling off maximum settings on all my games, save for some high demanding games like Crysis. Anyone can spend a little over $100 and they should be in good hands when it comes to outperforming consoles. Please keep in mind that these are maximum settings for PC, not consoles. Consoles look far worse when compared to games running on PC at max settings.

And where is this notion coming from that you have to change your parts every six months? The only people that will be doing that are the fanatics that must be running maximum settings at 60 frames at all times. Your average gamer will not have to do anything like that. I bought my card and my parts and I plan to keep them this way for years to come. Eventually, I won’t be able to do maximum settings on the latest games, but I will still be able to play them at more than reasonable settings. Most importantly, I will still be beating consoles years whether I upgrade or not.

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  1. johnlocke says:

    This is all factual, and I can lay on meh couch. Just with certain games, like Batman AA, GTA IV+Episodes etc. or Need 4 Speed. using the 360 controller and putting this shit on 52in hdtv.

  2. awesome says:

    “My GTX 560, which I spent just a little over $200 on” so basically thats just 50 dollars less than an ps3, you still have to buy a monitor, mouse, key board, RAM, a processor and much more stuff, so your PC might costs about a ps3 and an xbox combined. yes it does better graphics i wont argue with that. but the main reason people buy consoles not PC’s is because of the games. and you cant argue with that. uncharted 1/2/3 gears of war 1/2/3 killzone 2/3 halo 3/odst/ reach little big planet 1/2 infamous 1/2 god of war3 gran torusimo 5. forza 2/3/4 heavy rain red dead redemption resistance 1/2/3 and damn the list can go on and on and on. the fact is while pc does better graphics it does cost more, and consoles have much more games and you cant argue with that. console gamers do get the same experiance the pc gamers get, but pc gamers are missing out and dozens and dozens of AAA games hey didnt uncharted 2 win like almost every game of the year award? and red dead redemption to? ahh ohh well enjoy your graphics, ill enjoy my games :D

    • SuperZambezi says:

      That is very true. You also have to remember that the 360, PS3, Wii and yes, PC all have thier own exclusives that you don’t see on all platforms. The same can be said about consoles. Xbox has Halo, PS3 had Uncharted, Wii had Mario, etc.

      Nobody needs to get a 200 dollar graphics card like I did. You can spend much, much less and still do better than a console. Keep in mind that you are also assembling a computer that does a lot more than a console and the cost that goes with that.

      • awesome says:

        of course, the pc without a doubt has some advantages over consoles and consoles have advantages over pc,i read both articles and to be honest you both gave out all the wrong reasons. please patches? piracy? both were mentioned as reasons to buy a system when they arent. and i have to say the mouse and keyboard arent better for gaming, it actually depends on the genre of the game. for a FPS yes the mouse is keyboard are better also MMO’s are only playable on pc. but try imagine playing mario and god of war with a mouse and keyboard? too different games and different genres that the console controller does way better. also thrid person shooters like uncharted for example are extremely better with the console controller. but my main grudge with BOTH of these articles that the reasons are wrong. i still cant believe that MMO’s were not mentioned as a reason in this article!! and that console exclusives were not mentioned as a reason in the article before!! and the perfect gaming setup? seriously? first of all you need to buy three monitors that combined would still be smaller than a normal 40 inch tv, also this will drive the cost of the pc really high because you need to buy three monitors and a graphic card thats powerfull enough to support displaying on 3 screens the cost will sky rocket, i mean ok its a sweet setup but you can do the exact same with a console, couch + counter + tv and you can put everything you want on them. my friend the real reason to chose pc over console and console over i will mention them now

        pc over console

        power – no need to get into details with that reason
        multitasking – you can surve the net, talk to friends on skype, download a movie etc etc
        MMO’s – best mmo’s are on PC and the best way to play them are on PC
        more freedome with online distribution – your not stuck with PSN or xbox live you can chose what service you want and you have options (though steam is the best one anyway)

        consoles over pc

        price – consoles are cheaper than pc’s and you dont have to bother assembling one, you just fo to the store and buy it
        console exclusives – as i said before dozens and dozens of AAA games are only on exclusives
        much faster booting time – yeah all you need to do is hit that PS button on your ps3 controller and the ps3 is ready to go
        bigger screen – no matter how many monitors you put together its always better to play on a 52 inch tv
        split screen – yes split screen is so much comfortable on consoles the bigger screen and placing 2 mouses and 2 keyboads on a desk and spitting a 20 inc screen is very uncomfortable
        better for watching movie’s and video’s – its directly connected to your tv and all you got to do is put the video on a usb or dvd and your ready to go.

        • DNov says:

          Do you know that steam has tons of deals. If you actually buy most good games, like the many games that came out this year, the PC would come out cheaper because the games are only 20-50 dollars instead of $60. You can play on a bigger TV with a PC, and in real 1080p. Putting an SSD can reduce loading times to less than 10 seconds, and a 32 gig SSD only costs 50 dollars. The PC has as many 70+ rated games as the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined.

        • ThatSommeS says:

          And how much do you have to pay for your 52 inch tv? and the pc can also use a Xbox controller… and you can also connect your computer to the 52 or whatever inch television and get amazing graphics :P

          • awesome says:

            @ ThatSommeS and DNov

            i dont know why you people get really upset, first of all yes steam has some really awesome price drops and deals, but remember sony has there greatest hits games going on and you can get a game for 20 bucks too. the whole reason i commented on this article was to show that the real advantages for both systems havnt been mentioned and ThatSommeS everybody has a tv in there living room, but when you want to make a gaming pc you get a monitor along with it. is most cases the tv is already there. plus when i mentioned the 52 inch tv argument i was arguing his “perfect gaming setup” and claiming consoles cant have a setup like that no matter what, but clearly it can and can have better. also i know you can connect a pc to the tv, but most desktops are heavy and big and you dont want to go and start connecting them to your tv everytime you want to play when consoles are connected 24/7. im not attacking pc gaming as i am a pc gamer(though i prefer console gaming much more) im simply trying to state that the reasons this man put in this article are incorrect and some of them are actually stupid

  3. Fail says:

    you fail.

    all of your reason is not worth to get PC

  4. PCistrash says:

    lol PC gamers are the worst. You guys are nothing but a bunch of pirating pricks.

    Just stick to pirating and playing World of Warcraft while shelling out thousands of dollars each year to upgrade your constantly outdated PC lol.

    • mikey braidey says:

      my pc is 3 years old and over that course i have spent £300 pound on it over that time on ATI HD 6970 and 16gigs of 1600mhz RAM (not that you know what that is) and is the latest in pc gaming tech and to be honest that upgrade was not necessarily needed. And your point about piracy is pretty bad as piracy is just as bad on the consoles as it is on the PC, also why do you put World Of Warcraft in a bad light you console players are all the same, a bunch of short sighted arrogant idiots.

    • Waddy101 says:

      How is it Thousands of Dollars? You could build a PC for $400 that would last you a lot longer than this current-gen of consoles. Plus you’re ignorant point that PC gamers, ‘are nothing but a bunch of pirating pricks.’ is severely wrong. Just look at the facts and figures, more Xbox360 games are pirated each month than the rest of the consoles combined, what do you have to say to that one?

      Also your misconception that EVERY PC gamer plays World of Warcraft is wrong as well, i have never touched World of Warcraft and prefer to play games like Counter-Strike Source, TF2 and Starcraft 2 instead.

    • Elias says:

      My pc is about 3 or 4 years now, I can run most games on maximum settings. I play all my media on PC, music, movies etc.

      And as for the assumption that we don’t have enough exclusives. First of I get most if not all console multiplatform games, and sure there hasn’t been too much exclusivity on the PC latetly, but that’s all about to change with games like: Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, Diablo 3, Star Wars the old republic not to mention Starcraft 2, The Witcher 2, Empire and Shogun etc. Yes mostly MMO’s there but MMO’s tend to last for years upon years.

      And many PC-versions get massive modding communities aswell increasing the lifespan of certain games by months if not more giving PC games shitloads more value than console games.

    • consolefags are fags says:

      i find it quite hilarious that consolefags have to search for an article about PC gaming…just to “bash” it…. failure at it’s finest…oh wait..

      • PCistrash says:

        lol @ the PC fag.

        Don’t get mad because I spit out the truth.

        Consoles > PC because consoles are made for gaming.

        Go back to nano-nanoing on world of warcraft while adjusting the frames of your glasses while eating a bowl of cheese puffs while downloading the pirate of a newly released gaming you pirating prick.

        Pc gamers are the worst and don’t even deserve the title of ‘gamer.’ We should just call you guys PC fags.

        Have fun updating your already outdated PC, you fag. :D

        • Lucas says:

          Oh the irony. How hypocritical of you to call PC gamers ‘PC Fags’ wen obviously the one acting like a fag is you. rofl. Im sorry that your jealous our PCs can run Battlefield 3 on 60fps+ and have 64 player multiplayer. Sorry to tell you that your ‘shitty’ console will never match the superior graphics of PC games and sorry to tell you that PC games live much longer than your ‘shitty’ console games thanks to the wonderful modding community.
          Oh btw lil boy, please get your ‘shitty’ grammer & punctuation right. Don’t get mad because I spit out the truth.
          PC was, is and will always be superior than consoles. Now please go back to your ‘shitty’ Xbox and camp all day in CoD :)

    • PCistrashIsTrash says:

      Given the insane amount of bickering prepubescent pukes on Xbox Live, I think your view of PC gamers is a bit skewed. Add to that the number of Xbox 360s the Microsoft bans each year for hacking and piracy, then come back and say that.

      Oh, and please keep in mind that just because new hardware comes out every few months doesn’t mean that a PC needs to be upgraded. Though by that same train of thought, consoles are outdated before they even go on sale.

    • Lucas says:

      Hahahaha cool story bro. Our 3-4 year old PCs can run every single multiplatform game better than ur shitty console.

    • ThatSommeS says:

      Saying all the consoles are not already way outdated and have poor graphics?

  5. RuddigerPez says:

    Nope. Read both articles. Played both ways. Consoles are better overall.

    • SuperZambezi says:

      I appreciate that you at least read the article. I say upfront that consoles and PCs are good in their own ways. And this article is responding to the reasons the other article gave on why consoles were better than PCs. Some of those claims were ridiculous or just wrong.

      But what can you do? People read the title of the article, skim my bolded five points and go straight for the comments.

  6. mrzumm says:

    one more reason why my console is better; it’s connected to a 47 inch HD 3D TV :)

  7. PuertoRicanGamer says:

    It may sound strange but after 25 years as Computer Technician and more than that as a gamer enthusiast These are the same reasons I prefer Consoles for Gaming.

  8. Bas says:

    Everyone knows the PC is superior and always will be to consoles, but what can be debatable are exclusives. In my mind exclusives, particuarly on PS3, are way better than PC exclusives, which nowadays are mainly RTS games and a couple others.

    You can have an amazing setup, better control than a controller, and better graphics on most games, but you can not have Uncharted, Killzone, Socom, Infamous, Resistance, and literally 10+ more franchises Sony has. You can have opinions on certain franchises of which u don’t and do like, but there’s no doubting the all of the options you have with all the PS3 exclusives.

    In the end, it’s all preference. I prefer a controller, sitting on my couch/bed, not dealing with hackers on some games online, and more exclusives plus more variety of exclusives.

  9. gtgamer says:

    your reasons are dumb you tell this to any consumer new to games its going to go something like this, Consumer-first i have to buy the PC and to make sure i can play games to the average performance i have pay for a graphic card then i have to learn the keyboard and play with a mouse or pay for a controller and if i want to get the perfect setup i have to buy that.
    Salesperson- correct.
    Consumer-OK wat about that new game uncharted 3 is that for PC.
    Salesperson- no.
    Consumer- OK wat about gears of war 3 is that for PC.
    Salesperson- no.
    Consumer- then wat am i paying all this money for, OK wat about the console.
    Salesperson-its only up to $250 comes with a easy to learn controller one comes with built in blu ray.
    Consumer- your kidding me and they play the games i was talking about and for only 250 that all i need no upgrade.
    Salesperson- yes
    Consumer- i will take bout consoles why would anyone buy a PC.
    that my friend was a simple scenario of why consoles are superior and PC gamers are acting dumb like they don’t know thank you for your time.

  10. O-Town says:

    This is far better than the “Consoles are better” article, there are actually valid points made here. I glad to have both PC and console gaming. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. To really choose one over the other, you would be just limiting yourself. Get both, its worth it.

  11. mrpinkeye says:

    main point after cost of constant required upgrades has to be that most of us have large HD tv’s in our living rooms. now unless your suggesting setting up our pc in front of them we’re not going to go out and buy large HD monitors are we!?

  12. shaun says:

    Good article. The one argument that annoys me that is always comes up from people is “pc’s are so much more expensive you have to buy blah blah and they’re out of date in a year”. This is utter BS. For starters you need a pc anyway for work/net anyway. Secondly, as your point out, a pc’s are cheap! You don’t have spend much and it will stick kick any consoles butt. And finally pc’s don’t go out of date in year, those days are gone. I have a 4 year old pc that still plays everything.

  13. Jason Trovell says:

    PCs RULE. Console’s Blow.

  14. Mirage749 says:

    I’ve never understood the bad blood between console and PC gamers. I’m a console gamer, but I won’t deny that they’re both good for certain things. PC will ALWAYS outclass consoles, and for much cheaper. Also, there is no better control system than the mouse and keyboard.

    However, like previously stated, I much prefer the selection of games on consoles. Screen size is another factor as to why I like my console. Nothing like playing on a 60″ TV.

    Overall, this is a great article. Much better than the reasons to choose consoles over PCs. Big ups to the author.

  15. orangeterror says:

    Reading this made me not want to be a PC gaming douche

  16. MyBrownEye says:

    Why the hell didn’t you mention mods?

  17. Dirk says:

    As far as I’m concerned there is only 1 reason necessary to play games on a console instead of a pc – piracy. If I don’t want to be connected especially when playing a single player game I don’t have to be. To have to be always connected to play a game you purchased makes me feel like I’m being treated like a criminal. I understand why developers do it I just don’t like it. Then there are the draconian DRM issues where the disc is protected and because of that in some cases can’t even be read by my optical drive.

  18. Axe99 says:

    “The precision you get when playing with a mouse is leaps and bounds better than what you get on a traditional gaming controller…. While the keyboard may not have been built for gaming, the combo of mouse and WASD is far superior than any other gaming controller out there.”

    Now this is just codswallop, and there’s so many reasons why. For a start, not all devices that you play in games are actually pin-point accurate without a lot of skill. FPS with mouse/kb play like no real-life firefight I’ve ever seen, something I find quite immersion-breaking on PC. It may not bother people whose familiarity with firearms is only slightly less than their familiarity with ease and comfort (console controllers are far better for minimising RSI than a mouse/kb), but from my angle playing an FPS with a mouse/kb turns what could be a gritty conflict into a point-and-click adventure on speed. This can be fun, of course, but suggesting it’s out-and-out better is “only ever played games in a basement and never experienced real life” stuff.

    Then there’s WASD movement. A whole eight directions at one speed – as _clearly_ superior to 360 degrees at various rates of acceleration as I’m clearly being sarcastic here.

    In my experience, mouse/kb is best for games that best ape what the mouse/kb was designed for – pointing, clicking and typing in an office environment. Mouse/KB is kind of the hill for strategy, point-and-click adventures, typing tutors and MMOs, and the kb is a great supplement to a flight stick for a more technical flying game (and don’t even try to suggest flight games are better with a mouse/kb than with a controller).

    Mouse/kb as a control method isn’t bad (RSI tendency aside), of course, but it’s most definitely not clearly better beyond some (unfortunately) fairly niche genres. If you’re talking Starcraft 2 or Hearts of Iron 3, then get right into it. If you’re talking the action-style games all the cool kids play, then it’s horses-for-courses, and just because the mouse/kb is the easy option doesn’t make it better ;) .

  19. Lucas says:

    It’s nice to see a reporter finally doing justice to PC gaming. PC gaming was, is and will always be superior than consoles. End of Story.

  20. willey says:

    you know any pc in the world can be hooked into a 50 inch tv. hdmi or vga. on the pc, you can have controllers, so if you dont like playing a game with the mouse and keyboard, just get one and play the game. and its cheaper than an ps3 or xbox 360 controller. most games can be downloaded (purchased) so you dont have to go to any store.

  21. iUseaPC says:

    It’s all about exclusives and optimization. Sony and Microsoft are holding off mega exclusives from the PC and it’s not even the PC’s own fault. It’s because those companies needed something for their respective consoles to get the upper hand in sales. I’ve read other posters asking why can’t everyone have fun with whatever platform they are comfortable with. Well, we could and would have if it weren’t for those damn exclusives.

    Console gamers shouldn’t be proud with their exclusives and rub them on PC gamers’ noses. Sooner or later your precious exclusive would suddenly find it’s way to the arms of PC gamer and someone would have the last laugh. It already happened to PC gamers when we were proud with our own exclusives during the age of the PS2 and X Box. Then, the PS3 and X Box360 appeared. History tend to repeat itself so why shouldn’t PC get it’s turn to play your current “exclusive” next time? I think I’ve seen an X Box exclusive, Odd World : A Stranger’s Wrath for the PC in Steam recently. Even the Red Dead Redemption developers said they would have made a PC version if it weren’t for the publisher’s restrictions (i.e console exclusive).

    Keyboards and mouse are capable being a good system if games are optimized to use them properly. Yes, most action games don’t require pin point accuracy but it it also doesn’t mean the mouse is limited to be used only as a pin point pointing device. I have no problem at all playing Batman Arkham Asylum with a mouse and keyboard except for the ridiculous part where the counter and gadget share the same right click mouse button and for some strange reason they are not allowed to be re-mapped separately. Again, this comes back to optimization.

    Look, my point is that when developers brought PC FPSes to the consoles(Battlefield, Call of Duty, Halo – a PC game before Microsoft decided that the X Box needed some sales aid, Crysis 2, Duke Nukem, etc) they made a great effort to make them run perfectly on a controller. All we ask is the same kind of respect and make your ports to the PC run perfectly on the keyboard and mouse. Look at Dungeon Siege 3 PC control and compare it with The Witcher 2′s control system. One game can only be played properly with one type of control while the other can be played with whatever control that suits your style.

    Respect, is that a little much to ask?

  22. Mike Rees says:

    I’m actually amazed that NO ONE noticed you used the exact same points as the article you linked to. This entire article is tongue in cheek and assholes both sides of the fence have completely missed the point.

  23. derp says:

    well with out pc you wouldn’t have video games good luck trying to make a video game on consoles. all you people there coming to a page that has pc stuff and trolling , im sorry your dad made you give him blowjobs.

  24. DiddyKong says:

    I don’t think there is a reason to claim consoles over computers or vice-versa. They will both always have their pros and cons and I’ll probably continue to be entertained by them both. However, I have to point out that consoles accommodate gaming at parties much more than PCs.

  25. Markus says:

    Just ditched the PS3 and moved to PC and in my IMHO it was a good move,mods,unofficial patches general multitasking,and overclocking my specs i7 2600k 16gb ddr3 1600mhz gtx 560 in sli,lol I remember when i was still in highschool and thought the PS3 hadn’t reached its peak.

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