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Pre TGS 3DS Conference Wrap Up

Posted by Michael Koczwara On September - 12 - 2011 1 Comment

The highly anticipated 3DS Conference that dawned this years TGS came and wen with a bang. New titles were announced, existing games were shown off and a few surprises were unleashed all in one single night.

The conference kicked off the same way E3 did. Zelda’s 25th Anniversary had a great presence, showing off a pre rendered trailer for the anniversary and over four minutes of Skyward Sword footage.

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From here Nintendo went straight onto Mario. Starting off with Super Mario 3D Land, another trailer was presented, showing off various new elements like levels and new power ups. Expect a release on November 3 in Japan, November 13 in North America and November 18 in Europe. Moving onto  Mario Kart 7, a new trailer was shown, revealing new tracks, new items, new characters and new modes. The game is said to release December 1 in Japan, December 2 in Europe and December 4 in North America.

In what was a pleasant surprise to long time fans, Mario Tennis was announced for the 3DS after the series took an absence of seven years (No, the Wii port doesn’t count). No details were spared but expect the game to be released in 2012.

After a montage of games such as Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Monster Hunter flash across the screen in a montage, Nintendo announces a Pink 3DS, slated to release October 20 in Japan. A 3DS System Update is also headed this year that will add new Streetpass features and enable 3D Video Recording.

Nintendo went on to show more Japanese oriented games and revealed a new Fire Emblem for the 3DS, scheduled for a Spring 2012 release. Third Party games were next, with Dynasty Warriors VS, Bravery Default: Flying Fairy, Gundam and Project Mirai were also given some spotlight. A new Love Plus game, Resident Evil: Revelations, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Theatrhythm, a Final Fantasy rhythm game, were among some of the remaining games shown at the conference.

Shortly after, Monster Hunter 3G was properly announced with a new trailer and a release date of December 10 in Japan.

And just when you thought the show was to end, another trailer appeared on screen and revealed Monster Hunter 4, a game that will truly help revive the 3DS from its current state.

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