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Item Wishlist for Super Mario 3D Land

Posted by Michael Koczwara On September - 23 - 2011 1 Comment

November will see the release of Super Mario 3D Land, the biggest release the 3DS will see to date. Mario is back with all his side scrolling and 3D platforming goodness, bringing along with him a few items from his past. The Starman, Mushroom and Leaf are all set to return, but what other items can make another return?


Rock Mushroom

The Rock Mushroom from Super Mario Galaxy 2 was always a joy to use. Instead of simply becoming invincible to your surroundings, you get to roll around at fast speeds knocking anything in your path out of the way. It would interesting to see how it is incorporated with the gameplay that Super Mario 3D Land is taking.


Cape Feather

In Super Mario Bros. 3, collecting the feather turned Mario into Cape Mario. The item allowed him to flip over enemies and float from above, but it also gave him the ability to fly for some distance. For Super Mario 3D Land, it could be used in some of the side scrolling levels, however, the Propeller Block has already been announced and the item is unlikely to appear.


Cloud Flower

Another item from Super Mario Galaxy 2, the Cloud Flower gave Mario the ability to create three landable clouds to use in different puzzles and platforming. The item was specifically used well in the side scrolling levels, something that Super Mario 3D Land will not shy away from.


Mega Mushroom

Aside from its appearnece in Mario Kart Wii, the Mega Mushroom only appeared once in New Super Mario Bros. for the DS. It allowed Mario to grow as large as the screen and wreck havoc for a good 10 seconds. It might be a bit more difficult to do considering the 3D environment, but seeing Mario destroy everything in his path is more than enough to bring back this item. And while you’re at it, why not bring the Mini Mushroom back too.


The Caps

Ahh, the glorious caps from Super Mario 64. The Wing Cap let you soar through the sky, the Vanish Cap turned Mario invisible and the Metal Cap transformed Mario into a man of metal. While the Wing Cap isn’t the best fit for Super Mario 3D Land, The Vanish Cap and Metal Mario have the abilities that could get them a spot in Mario’s latest adventure. And with Mario Kart 7 featuring Metal Mario as a playable character, the chances are not that slim.


Hammer Suit

One of the rarest suits in Super Mario Bros. 3, the Hammer Suit gave Mario the abilities of a Hammer Bro. Hammers could be thrown from a distance away and could even hurt Boos. The items revealed for Super Mario 3D thus far show an item list that lacks any major offensive power ups. The Hammer Suit can fix that.


While the Tanooki Suit and Frog Suit may be missing from the list, their importance is still felt. I feel that the two items are better off in a Galaxy game or a Super Mario 64.

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  1. Nin3DS says:

    Out of all those, I honestly really only want the caps and the Hammer Suit, the others seem like they’d either be out of place or make the game far too easy.

    Especially the Mega Mushroom.

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