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Where’s Waluigi?

Posted by Michael Koczwara On November - 7 - 2011 11 Comments

With less than a month before release, Mario Kart 7 is shaping up to be one of the most diverse entries in the Mario Kart series. With that comes the apparent removal of Waluigi, and forums and message boards across the net have been abuzz with confusion, speculation, and in some cases outrage. While the chances may look slim, Waluigi is still being set up to appear in Mario Kart 7.

Waluigi has been a staple playable character in the Mario spin off games since his debut in Mario Tennis for the Nintnedo 64. He continued his spin off fame in the Mario Kart series, appearing first in Double Dash!!, then DS, and most recently Wii. It would be safe to say that Waluigi will be playable in the latest Mario Kart for the 3DS, Mario Kart 7, however, there is yet to be any confirmation of a playable appearance by Waluigi. Newcomers like Metal Mario and Honey Queen have already taken spots in the roster, and it would be a bit unusual to include these characters over Waluigi. In a series where the amount of human characters is low, not including Waluigi would be absurd, seeing as the character was created for the spin off series. There are arguments that a spin off character should not get in over a character or enemy that has appeared in a main Mario title, but the fact that he has been around and appeared so many times since his debut over ten years ago is enough to expect him here again. He is a partner to Wario, an enemy of Luigi, and his disappearance from the series bears no reasonable explanation.

One of the strongest pieces of evidence pointing to the inclusion of Waluigi is the track Waluigi Pinball. This retro track is being brought back from the DS game and is centered around Waluigi himself. I mean, there is a giant Waluigi in the background. Some fans bring up the fact that Koopa never appeared in Mario Kart 64, despite having his own track, Koopa Troopa Beach. This is a great point, but it doesn’t apply as well this time around. Back in the 64 game, the character selection was limited to eight characters for whatever reason. They took the most qualified characters and gave them one of the spots. Now we are seeing Lakitu and Wiggler take the wheel and fill one of the 16 spots, with even more characters set to take a positions. It’s clear that this time around the character selection can be a little more diverse and expansive, and there is no reason to leave Waluigi out.

Almost all of our information derives from multiple sources on the Internet, mainly the official Japanese website for the game. It was here where a number of tracks were revealed, items were detailed, and modes were examined. It was also here where a list of characters was shown. The list featured 16 different characters, with two slots left with simple question marks. Once those were revealed, fans across the net declared that Waluigi was no longer able to appear in the game. Why jump to such a conclusion? Many official websites before it had the same situation. Characters were listed and shown and later down the road, new character slots were revealed, even if the site didn’t look fit for any more additions. Take Mario Kart Wii for example. The game was set I have 18 characters according to Nintnedo Power, but as the game neared it’s release date, details on an extra set of six characters were given. The official website is in no way a confirmation that this list of characters is the final roster.

Whether it is the general consensus that Waluigi isn’t exactly the best character or fans simply want other characters over Waluigi, the given evidence of Waluigi’s absence is not enough to outlaw the possibility of him appearing as a playable character.

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  1. harduken says:

    i think waluigi is far away to be the best character, but compared to some of the new characters, the rooster doesnt make any sense, just look! honey queen? WTF? if the wanted to add gaaxy characters maybe (probably) with rosalina was enough. Then wiggler and shy guy, ok i admit, i love shyguy but none of both is better than waluigi, they could put baby bowser instead too. And dry bones is funny, but maybe they thought he was a koopa clone, wait a minute, lakitu is a clone too, nintendo didnt make the best decisions on this rooster. I hope for this game you can create your own flag like in mario kart DS

  2. brian o keefe says:

    cant wait for waluigi time

  3. I was in contact with one of the journos over at Official Nintendo Magazine via Twitter and he confirmed that there are 16 characters & Mii use…. Waluigi is definitely NOT in the final build of the game and the Japanese site DOES show the full list :(

  4. Jack says:

    Not smart of Nintendo to leave out such a big character from the series. I personally am not a Waluigi fan, but I can still relate to how fans of the character are feeling. Its probably similar to when I was a kid, finding out I wouldn’t be able to be Bowser in Mario Party. I suppose Waluigi might be an NPC (for some reason) but my guess is he was just cut out so the game will be ready for the holidays.

  5. Baschemon says:

    Believe it or not, but i think this is even. Why you all ask? Don’t go hating me, but if you recall, Daisy WAS absent from a Mario Kart game after HER debut. She and Waluigi have been known for their Spin-off appearances at best. But Daisy was not a playable Character in Mario Kart Arcade GP2, Waluigi was however, Daisy was a mere BG character I think. But Now it’s reversed, the only difference is it’s uncertain if Waluigi appears at all in the game aside from his track. I DON’T know why Nintendo didn’t include him, but if it had anything to do with that, there’s a possible answer.

  6. JohnnyX says:

    Waluigi has been one of my favorite characters since his first appearance in Mario Tennis, and I’d be pretty pissed off if Nintendo decided not to include such a main character in the game, especially when such odd choices as the Honey queen has been included. My main Mario Kart-er has been Waluigi since MKDD, and it would definitely take away from my experience not having my favorite face in the mix.

  7. Pokeguy493 says:

    If they don’t have Waluigi in the final game, there is a good chance they will add him in a future DLC update. I’m a big fan of him but I’m not gonna let him not being in the game ruin my experience. I like the other characters such as Shy Guy, Wiggler, and Lakitu. Metal Mario is ok in my book and Queen Bee is meh. I sent a letter to Nintendo concerning the absence of Waluigi. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. He’ll more than likely make it into this game. One way or another, through unlockables or DLC.

  8. Omokisei says:

    I emailed nintendo a ton and I’m pretty sure they’re annoyed by me but they said they might add DLC!! So I’m keeping my hopes up for Waluigi and Toadette!!

    • Pokeguy493 says:

      Oh my gosh! That’s great! I still haven’t gotten a response from them. I’m sure if we push them enough, they’ll say “**** it, let’s bring back Waluigi to Mario Kart 7 like we should of done in the first place.” lol. I’m pretty sure they’ve been probably getting hundreds of e-mails from angry Waluigi fans. It’s only a matter of time. xD

  9. mariostadium168 says:

    But the game has released for almost a week! Where’s Waluigi? Nintendo! Tell us!

  10. daisylover17 says:

    i am not a Waluigi fan (not saying i hate him) but the inclusion of Lakitu who isnt even the correct color and not adding waluigi instead was a mistake and should be fixed by having waluigi a DLC at some point waluigi not appearing in a mario kart or any spinoff game should have never became a reality.

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