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What to Look Forward to in Skyward Sword

Posted by Michael Koczwara On November - 14 - 2011 0 Comment

With less than six days left before the release of Skyward Sword in North America, the hype level for the latest installment of the iconic Zelda series is at its highest and is expected to rise as the release date draws nearer. As we count down the remaining days and hours, let’s see what to look forward to most in Skyward Sword.


The Graphics

Twilight Princess shocked the gaming world when it was shown at E3 2004. The graphical style the game took on was a much more mature and realistic one, but when the game released on Wii in 2006, it left something to be desired when compared to the graphical power of the other consoles. For Skyward Sword, Nintendo choose to pick a graphical style that would fit the systems requirements and take advantage of its limitations. Taking on the impression of a painting, the game will take the series, and video games in general, to new visuals that haven’t seen before.


The Dungeons

Zelda is known for it’s dungeons. While Skyward Sword is beginning to break away for their tried and tired formula, dungeons will still take a major role in the game. This time around dungeons seem to have taken a more unique and different direction. Gone are the generic, standard dungeons featured in each game (forest, fire, then water), and in their places are more unique and varied dungeons, making for a much more streamlined experience. Some of the most interesting dungeons come in the form of the environment changing mining dungeon and the serene water themed dungeon known as the Ancient Cistern.


The Items

Not only will Skyward Sword feature a slew of new and older remastered items, it will also adopt an upgrading system. Throughout the Skyward Sword universe, you’ll be able to collect gems, spoils, and bugs, all for upgrading your various items and gear. Almost all items are upgradable and even gear like your shield and potions can be upgraded. The items themselves are looking better than ever. With Motion Plus enhancing older items and new items like the Beetle making their first appearance, Skyward Sword is in for the greatest lineup of items in a Zelda game.


The Characters/Story

Fans of Majora’s Mask were in love with the breathing, living town of Clock Town. The city of Skyloft is being set up the same way, with plenty of emotions and side quests tucked into each of the characters in the floating town. Main characters like Zelda and Link are also getting a personality check. With both characters interacting with newer characters like Ghirahim and Gaebora, the interactions between the characters may be some of the best the series has ever seen. With that comes a great story, and with the origin of the Master Sword taking a major focus of the plot, Skyword Sword just might be the greatest Zelda tale ever told.


The Experience

The experience of playing a Zelda game may just be the most exciting aspect of the game. Anyone who has ever played a Zelda game, knows what this means, and with Skyward Sword shaping up to be one the greatest Zelda games, this is one game you cannot pass on getting hyped up about. The combination of graphics, dungeons, items, story, and everything else that makes a Zelda game is enough to get any fanboy foaming at the mouth and any newcomer interested at first glance. Skyward Sword us less than a week away and is shaping up to be the best game in the series.

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