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The Eggs of Banjo Tooie

Posted by Michael Koczwara On February - 9 - 2012 0 Comment

Banjo Tooie took everything we knew and loved about the original Banjo Kazooie and expanded it to include new moves, new items, and many new additions. Eggs, one of the basic functions from the first game, received a major upgrade in the way that they are used, and more importantly, a new variation of different types of eggs.

Blue Eggs

The original eggs from Banjo Kazooie return in their usual fashion. These eggs are used to hurt enemies, but they don’t have any special properties. Now these eggs, along with all the other eggs, can now be used while flying for airborne battles. Kazooie can shoot three at a time.

Fire Eggs

The first set of new eggs are the Fire Eggs. As the name suggests, these eggs are used to ignite the target. This causes the enemies to flee as they are set ablaze. Fire Eggs can be used to melt ice as well as light up dark areas. Fire Eggs can first be found at the entrance of Glitter Gulch Mine and Kazooie can only shoot two of these eggs at a time

Grenade Eggs


Grenade Eggs are the most powerful eggs in the game, allowing Kazooie to shoot one at a time. The explosive blast from the eggs deal more damage than any item in the game. Aside from fighting enemies, these eggs can also break through rocks and breakable walls. You can find the Grenade Eggs for the first time near the entrance to Witchyworld.

Ice Eggs

If you got Fire Eggs, you might as well get Ice Eggs. These eggs are the least powerful eggs in the game. Instead of dealing damage, Ice Eggs will freeze enemies and allow the player some time to make the next move. Freezing different objects and fighting fire based enemies can also be done with the eggs. Kazooie can only shoot two at a time and they can be found for the first time in the Cliff Top region of Isle o’ Hags.

Clockwork Kazooie Eggs


The most radical egg of them all. Instead of firing these at enemies in anticipation of some kind of new effect, the Clockwork Kazooie Egg hatches a tiny robot Kazooie that can be maneuvered and detonated. The little robot has 20 seconds to fit through small holes and passageways and can detonate at any time. Kazooie can only use one at a time and the egg can be found before the entrance of Terrydactyland.

Multiplayer Eggs

The new eggs were not exclusive to the single player portion of the game. The multiplayer has two different eggs in addition to the previous five.

Golden Eggs

These eggs have the same effect as the normal blue eggs, but activating the Golden Eggs will grant you 20 seconds with unlimited fire power of these eggs!

Proximity Eggs

Plant these eggs on floors and walls and wait for your opponent to pass over them. Getting to close to one of these will result in an explosion.

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