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Generic Grasslands was made with a single audience in mind: the Nintendo fan that doesn’t just play Nintendo games. The only question left was what kind of site would it be? A site full of editorial topics? Or maybe a hub for the latest news in the gaming world? A haven filled to the brim with videos? Or a site filled with reviews of old, beloved and upcoming games?

Why not have a combination of it all? A little factual, a little opinion, and a lot of creativity can coexist as the focus of the site. That’s when the basic structure of Generic Grasslands hit me. It goes as follow:

*Until I have a new staff, Generic Grasslands will only see three updates a week.*

Whether it be an issue, an idea, or simple a topic from the gaming world, this is the day where it gets detailed, dissected, and brought to the light.

We all love lists. If it’s not a Top 10 list, then it’s a 5 best article or just a general post listing bullets of certain gaming topics.

A day where creativity shines, Wednesday Cinema brings out a single video that goes in depth with a certain item, game mechanic, or anything else game related, more so than your average gameplay clip.

Reviews and Previews alike are displayed on this day, bringing out the more detailed look on some of the latest games.

Have a feeling for another editorial? Maybe a new video would suffice? On Friday, anything goes, whether it is a category from the week or something entirely new.


While each day brings a new feature article, the news is not forgotten but is posted daily. News articles are posted along with new trailers and gameplay clips.

No feature on Saturday but the news is updated whenever it comes in. Every Sunday we update the Upcoming Features page to show you guys what’s to come in the following week.

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