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February - 15 - 2012
Top 5 Super Mario Sunshine Worlds

One might argue that the worlds of Super Mario Sunshine are one in the same and while there is merit to that argument, the worlds include a variety of different ideas that creatively mesh into some really unique worlds. Tucked away in the hub world of Isle Delfino are nine different locales that Mario can traverse to.  [ Read More ]

September - 27 - 2011
Worst 5 Ways to Die in LIMBO

*SOMEWHAT SPOILERS AHEAD!* If there was ever an award for some of the most chilling deaths in video games, LIMBO takes the cake. Who would have thought that a little boy running through the woods could end up experiencing some of the most horrendous pains to ever befall on anyone? Take a look at some  [ Read More ]

September - 13 - 2011
Top 10 Unusual Unlockable Characters

As the Mario spinoffs continued to expand and grow, so did their character selection for thier playable rosters. The Kart, Party and many sport titles brought an assortment of characters that were previously never playable. Some were expected, but some were downright unusual.   10. Blooper Playable in: Mario Party 8, Mario Super Sluggers When  [ Read More ]

September - 6 - 2011
Top 5 iPhone Games

With over a billion apps to pick from, the App Store is bursting through the seams with all sorts of apps that range from entertainment to medicine. A large chunk of these apps are part of what we call mobile games. With so many to pick from, here are my top five iPhone games:   5.  [ Read More ]

August - 30 - 2011
Top 5 Mario Kart Wii Tracks

  Mario Kart Wii boasted a selection of sixteen all new tracks designed specifically for the game. While some are better than others, here are my top five favorite new Mario Kart Wii tracks.   5. Coconut Mall   In the Mario Kart series, Mario and the gang  like to keep the racing to the  [ Read More ]

August - 23 - 2011
5 Remaining Wii Games Worth Getting

Nintendo has already kicked off the next generation of their handheld and the Wii U is already keeping gamers looking at the next generation rather than the present. But what about the ever popular Wii console that polarized the world with it’s tremendous success? The Wii didn’t just disappear overnight. The system still has games  [ Read More ]

August - 4 - 2011
Sharks in Video Games

With Shark Week coming to a close, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at some of the sharks that have graced our favorite video game series. While some may be small references or actual shark appearances, sharks have played a role in our video games that some of us may  [ Read More ]

August - 2 - 2011
10 Hellish Villians

Villians are what make games have a purpose of good vs. evil. The following are a few that have quirky personalities and are unique from all the rest of the generic vaudeville evil-doers. So sit back and relax as we count down the 10 most hellish villians.   10. Fawful Fawful ala Mario & Luigi:  [ Read More ]

July - 29 - 2011
Top 3 Favorite Paper Mario TTYD Partners

  There’s a total of seven partners in Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, but which ones stick out the most for me? Here’s a list of my top 3 favorite partners both character and battle wise. 3. Goombella   ATTACKS: Headbonk – Just like Mario’s jump, a normal attack that does a normal amount of damage.  [ Read More ]

July - 26 - 2011
Top 5 Least Favorite Brawl Stages

The Super Smash Bros. games are a one of kind series, where few elements of the game are up for knit picking. With Super Smash Bros. Brawl came the addition of over 30 new stages, all of which were great in their own way. However, some stages stood out better than others, and some were purposely skipped  [ Read More ]

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