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July - 21 - 2011
Crash Bandicoot Power!

Crash Bandicoot is becoming a very underrated and forgotten franchise. Back when it was at it’s glory days, people praised it for being one of it’s kind. It introduced aspects of gameplay nobody has seen before and basically defined the very pinnacle of 3D platforming games. Taking obvious inspiration from games like Mario and Donkey  [ Read More ]

June - 2 - 2011
Portal 2 - Test Chamber

Valve released the Orange Box, a compilation of 5 games packaged in a single retail copy, back in 2007. Inside players could find all three Half Life 2 games, Team Fortress 2, and a little gem named Portal. A short title, lasting no more than a couple of hours, mesmerized gamers with its brilliant storytelling,  [ Read More ]

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