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February - 6 - 2012

After a few months of near silence, Generic Grasslands is back and ready to start up again, this time with a fully registered domain name. Generic Grasslands is no longer a subdomain of Mario Party Legacy and is now a standalone site. We are starting right back up this week and we hope you enjoy  [ Read More ]

December - 28 - 2011
Staff Openings

Generic Grasslands is at it again. We are looking to expand our current staff to help bring content to the site as well as get some fresh and new perspectives into our content. My ultimate, personal goal here at Generic Grasslands is to practice my writing, researching, editing and a variety of other useful skills  [ Read More ]

August - 11 - 2011
Terraria Giveaway

Congratz to cookieboy17 and mark for winning a copy of Terraria! Thanks to everyone who entered and be sure to check Generic Grasslands often for more giveaways!   Terraria, a sidescrolling action/adventure RPG indie game, has been selling like hot cakes since the game’s initial release in May. It has been dubbed the “2D Minecraft”  [ Read More ]

July - 20 - 2011
Welcoming the New Staff

 Due to technical limitations, Wednesday Cinema will be taking a haitus, leaving Wednesday open for even more articles. With that said, I’d like to take this time to introduce our two new staff memebers! Aegis   Hailing in from the Forum, Aegis joined the staff late last week, showing his skills with his first article. Having  [ Read More ]

June - 26 - 2011

Unfortunatly, this week will be a busy one, so much that I will not be able to update or make any posts. I was planning on trying to squeeze something quickly out at the end of the each day, but I don’t think that will bring out the quality articles I hope I am giving  [ Read More ]

June - 17 - 2011
Staff Openings

Generic Grasslands has been up and running for three weeks now, and as I said before, I will add be adding onto the staff when the time comes. Looking at the title of this post, that time seems to have come. My ultimate, personal goal here at Generic Grasslands is to practice my writing, researching,  [ Read More ]

June - 7 - 2011

I was caught quite off gaurd this morning. As the Nintendo E3 Press Conference was coming to a close, Nintendo lit up the screen with dozens of logos. Suddenly, a my eyes met a very familiar, yet somewhat new title. Mario Party 9. After four long years of absolute silence, the Mario Party series was in fact  [ Read More ]

June - 1 - 2011
Generic Grasslands

After a day of confusing clues, unsolvable puzzles and annyoing riddles, the members of our Forum discovered Generic Grasslands late in the evening of May 31, 2011. Thanks for everyone who participated in my pointless event, I asure you it will be worth it in the long run. We are officially opening today, June 1, 2011,  [ Read More ]

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