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If you didn’t notice, Generic Grasslands is part of the Mario Party Legacy Network. We are under the wing of my first and original site, Mario Party Legacy. As a child site, we are expirementing to see if Generic Grasslands will take off. We ultimatly would like to get Generic Grasslands its own domain, and further expand the site from there. So what do we (that means you too) have to do to get there?

Our Goal

5000 Unique Visitors in one month.

It could be worse…

Keep checking back to our site. The more visits we get, the better chance we have of getting our own domain. By unique visitors, we mean 5000 different people have to have checked the site at least once in that month. Mario Party Legacy reached 5000 members in a little over a year, and that site had a small fanbase. Now the numbers are closer to 40,000 unique visitors per month. This is definetly doable and visiting our site and checking the posts really does help.

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