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Michael Koczwara, Editor In Chief/Founder of GG, Head Writer

(June 2011 – Present)

Starting with the January of 2008 opening of The Super Mario Party Site, Michael Koczwara took charge with the first Mario Party fansite on the net. Work on the site continued well into the summer of 2010 where the site was renamed to Mario Party Legacy. Along with the name change came the Mario Party Legacy Network, a network of smaller sites that opened a wide variety of new opportunities in the internet world. One of these oportunites came in the form of Generic Grasslands, a site where opinions are heard and ideas are expressed. Throughout the years, Michael has also taken a pivotal role in the Mario Party Legacy Forum , sitting as the head administarior, helping and guiding the Forum to where it is today.


Joey Anderson, Site Hoster


AegisReflector, Contributing Writer

(July 2011 – August 2011)

Aegis has been foruming ever since 2003, but didn’t get into the “Joey” forums until 2005 when he became a member/part-time contributor for Nintendo City. 2 years later, he joined MPL’s sister forum, Mario Party Forum, in June 2007.  After MPF closed down in 2009, Aegis kind of wandered around for a while until he was invited to join the Mario Party Legacy forums. He has been part of the MPL community since January 2010 serving the community with part-time contributions/side-projects, most of them which stepped aside. However, he hopes that Generic Grasslands will give him the opportunity to let him into the exciting world of video game journalism. Aegis has also contributed to other non-MPL forums including Forum Nintendo and Nintendo District.

Favorite Game: Final Fantasy VIII

Favorite System: SNES, PS1


Staryu, Contributing Writer

(July 2011 – August 2011)

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